Are Felling Trailers any good?

Are Felling Trailers any good?

The dependability and high quality of the trailers has made the investment of Felling Trailers a very wise choice for us.” “We purchased a few of your trailers a couple of years ago, and have had great reviews by most that have used them.

Where are felling trailers made?

Central Minnesota
Felling Trailers is a family-owned and operated Full Line Trailer Manufacturer located in Central Minnesota that was started in 1974 by Mr. Merle J.

What is mean by felling?

Felling is the process of cutting down trees, an element of the task of logging. The person cutting the trees is a feller. A feller buncher is a machine capable of felling a single large tree or grouping and felling several small ones simultaneously.

What is felling in forestry?

In some regions this set of activities is referred to as “felling.” Cutting activities include felling the standing tree, measuring its length to determine the best log lengths, removing the limbs and crosscutting the stem (and sometimes also large limbs) into logs.

Where does the term felling come from?

[Middle English fel, from Old Norse fell, fjall, mountain, hill.]

How do you make tree fall where you want?

Create a hinge in the trunk to steer the tree as it falls to the ground to ensure the tree falls the right way. To ensure your tree falls in the right direction, create a directional cut on the same side as you want the tree to fall. Next, make the felling cut by creating a horizontal cut from the opposite side.

What is a felling Licence?

The Forestry Commission requires you to have a tree felling licence in order to fell trees. If the wrong tree is felled, or there is no licence or other valid permission, anyone involved can be prosecuted. It is an offence to fell a tree without a licence, where one is required.

What is the felling cycle?

Felling Cycle: The planned period, in years, within which all parts of a forest zoned for wood production and being managed under a selection silvicultural system should be selectively cut for logs. The term is synonymous with Cutting Cycle.

How many trees are felled each day?

According to the science journal Nature, approximately 42 million trees are cut down each day (or 15 billion trees each year).

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