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Are Kinder Surprise gluten free in Canada?

Are Kinder Surprise gluten free in Canada?

Thankfully we can still enjoy the Kinder Chocolate Bars, Mini Eggs, Schoko-Bons and Kinder Surprise Eggs – since they are all gluten-free.

Are Kinder products gluten free?

Many Kinder’s products do not include gluten. However, our facilities produce other products that may use gluten ingredients. So please check labels; if you need to avoid gluten, choose those Kinder’s products that are clearly marked as Gluten Free.

Is Kinder candy gluten free?

Kinder bars are considered to be gluten-free EXCEPT for the Kinder Bueno bars (which contain a wafer).

Are Kinder eggs GF?

The Answer is: YES* *As Kinder Surprise is made of 100% chocolate with no biscuit, wafers or other gluten-containing additives, it can be considered 100% gluten-free. You can safely rest assured that your kids can enjoy the taste of Kinder chocolate, with a surprise and toy in every single egg, without eating gluten.

Which chocolate bars are gluten-free in Canada?

Nestle * Always recommend checking the packaging for the most up-to-date information

  • AERO ® Milk Chocolate Mini Bars.
  • AERO ® Peppermint Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • AERO ® Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars.
  • Butterfinger ® Bar.
  • Goobers ® Chocolate Covered Peanuts.
  • MACKINTOSH’S ® Soft Caramels.

Are Kinder Surprise banned in Canada?

Let us know. In Canada, however, officials said the eggs are so difficult to get into there’s little chance they could harm anyone. As such, they are legal. The U.S. takes catching illegal Kinder candy seriously, judging by the number of them they’ve confiscated in the last year.

Are Kinder Santas gluten-free?

This product may contain traces of nuts and gluten. Store in a cool dry place and away from the sun, at 18 – 22 degrees Celsius.

Are Caramacs gluten-free?

Is It Gluten-Free? No, this sweet contains gluten and is not suitable for people with Coeliac or Celiac Disease.

Is Kinder chocolate eggs gluten-free?

If you were curious the normal kinder surprises are also currently gluten free by ingredient as well. You’ll have to watch out for those new kinder eggs with biscuit pieces inside though. Additionally, Kinder do hollow chocolates like their chocolate bunnies.

Is Kinder Surprise Easter egg gluten-free?

The Kinder Surprise Easter range is surprisingly void of gluten derived ingredients. The allergen statement declares; Milk, Butter and Soy but no wheat. There doesn’t appear to be a may contain clause on these eggs.

What chocolate can celiacs eat?

A range of Green and Blacks chocolates are gluten free such as Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazlenut, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut and Raisins and Creamy Milk Chocolate.

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