Are queerplatonic relationships romantic?

Are queerplatonic relationships romantic?

Queerplatonic relationships (QPR) are committed intimate relationships which are neither romantic nor (necessarily) sexual in nature and that differ from close friendship by having the same structure and status as a romantic relationship. The concept originates in aromantic and asexual spaces in the LGBT community.

What does a queerplatonic relationship feel like?

Queerplatonic Relationships are generally described as relationships that include more, or deeper, commitment than simple friendship but which don’t feel romantic or sexual to those involved.

What is the difference between a queerplatonic relationship and a friendship?

It obviously means “oddly” platonic and is anything inbetween platonic and what’s associated with romantic. Queerplatonic can involve one or more of the following: a closeness or importance that is not the norm for friends, sensual attraction, or “friends with benefits,” but never involves romantic attraction.

Do you have to be queer to be in a queerplatonic relationship?

People who experience queerplatonic attraction can be cisgender, transgender, or non-binary. They are most frequently on the asexual and aromantic spectrum but that does not mean they have to be.

Can Queerplatonic relationships be polyamorous?

If your in a relationship with 2 people or more you can call that relationship polyamorous, it’s really how you feel and how the other people would feel about what you want to label the relationship but short answer yes you can.

Is queerplatonic the same as Alterous?

QP / Quasiplatonic / Queerplatonic Quasiplatonic is used by people who are not comfortable with using the word queer. Often abbreviated as QP. Alterous crushes are feeling attraction that is emotional but not romantic.

What do queerplatonic partners call each other?

Queerplatonic partners sometimes refer to one another as “zucchinis”. It is an alternative to the term “friend,” which downplays intimacy, and “partners”, which suggests a romantic or sexual relationships.

What do you call your Queerplatonic partner?

So, if the relationship is committed then use words like boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/life partner/husband/wife/soulmate etc. These words indicate commitment. If there is no commitment I would use best/close friend/casual boyfriend/casual girlfriend.

How do you know if you’re queerplatonic?

13 Signs You’re In a Queerplatonic Relationship

  1. You and your QPR partner make the rules.
  2. You’re always excited to see and spend time with each other.
  3. You feel like you’ve known them forever.
  4. The platonic in QPR doesn’t (necessarily) mean a lack of sex and romance.
  5. You have weird nicknames for each other.

What do you call your partner in a Queerplatonic relationship?

“Squish”, which is used as the platonic version of “crush”, is another term to describe partners in queerplatonic relationships – even if the queerplatonic relationship has its own term “plush” as an alternative for “crush”.

How do you ask someone to be your Queerplatonic partner?

A good place to start is by bringing up the concept of a qpr and discussing it with the person. They might know exactly what it is, or they might not know anything about it, or they might’ve heard of it but not know what it means to you (and honestly, what it means to you is going to be the most important).

What is an Alterous crush?

Alterous attraction An interest or desire for emotional closeness without necessarily being platonic and/or romantic. Alterous is often used in the place of -romantic or -sexual suffixes (e.g., bialterous instead of biromantic). A significant attraction that is related to other attractions (e.g., romantic)

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