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Are top loaders better than sleeves?

Are top loaders better than sleeves?

Different than a penny sleeve – which is softer and more bendable – a toploader is rigid, and thus provides a more secure storage option. In fact, it’s advised by many to first place a card inside of a penny sleeve, and then place the sleeved card into a toploader.

Are there binder sleeves for top loaders?

TopDeck TopLoader Binder | Holds 200+ Toploaders Hard Cases | 9 Pocket Trading Cards Album | Long Term Storage Binder | Side Load Sleeves | Pokemon/MTG/Yugioh/TCG Folder | Trading & Sports Holder.

How do I protect my toploader?

Toploaders are usually composed of a high-quality 12mm thick clear PVC. Importantly and to maximize protection for your card they should not contain stearates or plasticizers. It’s also essential to use a penny sleeve for a card before placing it in a toploader to avoid surface damage.

Do you put a penny sleeve in a top loader?

Yes, a penny sleeve is like lube (if that means anything to you). A plain top loader can also scratch the surface of the card, or cause corner damage. The penny sleeve gives just enough protection around the edges and corners to keep everything mint. ALWAYS use a penny sleeve!

Are Toploaders worth it?

The cleaning performance is good enough for most people. A top-loader’s twisting wash motion (with or without an agitator) isn’t as effective as a front-loader’s tumbling wash motion. But if you don’t mind pretreating stains, or most of your loads are just moderately dirty, top-loaders clean just fine.

Do binders warp cards?

Keep your card binders in a temperature-controlled environment. High or low temperatures can warp cards, so consider getting a thermometer to ensure they don’t fluctuate too much. Placing the binder in a closet or cabinet will prevent them from getting too hot or cold.

How thick is a Toploader?

Toploader Thicknesses The most common toploader size thickness is 20pt. There is a large variety of different sizes which are commonly 55pt, 75pt, 100pt, 120pt, 130pt, 180pt and 360pt. You can find a printable Card Thickness Point Gauge here which is the ultimate toploader size guide.

How do I keep dust out of my toploader?

Closure Clips for Toploaders. Use these Toploader Closure Clips to create a dust- and dirt-free environment for items stored in Ultra-PRO® toploaders. These clear plastic clips slide onto the open end of the toploader, keeping airborne pollutants from coming in contact with the stored item.

What’s better top loaders or card savers?

In September 2020, PSA announced they will accept cards in top loaders. So right now, you can send both card savers and top loaders for grading. Once the card saver shortage gets rectified, PSA will revert to card savers only. Top loaders are rigid and can give better protection.

Are card savers the same as top loaders?

Card savers hold the card more securely. Without tape, there’s a chance that a card in a top loader can be either partially or fully ejected during shipping. Secondly, cards in card savers are easier to remove, especially if the submitter has included the pull tab adhesive on the back of the card.

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