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Can B737 fly transatlantic?

Can B737 fly transatlantic?

WestJet has been using the 737 MAX to grow its transatlantic flight schedules. The aircraft will be flying all transatlantic service out of Halifax next year. Recently, WestJet also announced an expansion of flying to Scotland, also using the Boeing 737 MAX.

Does Boeing 737 fly international?

After the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in November 2020 cleared the Boeing 737 Max to return to service, other regulators – notably those in Brazil, Canada, Europe and the UK – have done likewise. In all, 13 carriers are now flying the 737 Max on commercial services.

Where does enter Air fly to?


Tirana, Albania Burgas, Bulgaria Varna, Bulgaria
Podgorica, Montenegro Agadir, Morocco Gdańsk, Poland
Łódź, Poland Poznań, Poland Warsaw, Poland
Wrocław, Poland Faro, Portugal Barcelona, Spain
Fuerteventura, Spain Girona, Spain Málaga, Spain

How many 737 MAXs are flying now?

581 active Boeing 737 MAXs.

Can a 737 go from New York to London?

Given that all A320s and all Next Generation\MAX 737s can fly nonstop between the U.S. east coast and western Europe, and that even the older 737s can fly between the U.S. and Europe if they make a stop or two along the way to refuel, why are the smaller narrowbodies so rare in transatlantic flight, when the prospect …

Are Boeing 737 still flying?

So far, 13 airlines have resumed flying Boeing’s 737 Max. These include The Ryanair Group of Ireland, Air Canada, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and India-based SpiceJet.

Which airlines are using Boeing 737?

Which airline has the most Boeing planes of any fleet?

  • American Airlines: 265.
  • Southwest Airlines: 205.
  • United Airlines: 36.
  • Delta Air Lines: 77.

Are enter air safe?

Enter Air observes European security standards, in compliance with which before each cruise we present to the passengers security rules valid on board. The safety and security procedures are imposed by national regulations and remain binding equally for the passengers and the airline.

Is Boeing 737 Max safe now?

One year since Boeing’s embattled 737 Max returned to service — following the largest grounding in aviation history — there appears to be a broad consensus in the industry that the plane is as safe as any flying today.

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