Can leflunomide cause lung problems?

Can leflunomide cause lung problems?

concluded in a systematic review in 2013 that leflunomide can cause ILD and that most patients develop lung toxicity within three months of starting it. They note that patients with pre-existing ILD are most likely to develop lung toxicity. In 2006, a case control study by Suissa et al.

Can leflunomide cause lung nodules?

Leflunomide can cause lung nodules and can stimulate the growth of existing nodules. These nodules can cause pneumothorax, and usually regress with discontinuation of leflunomide. Based on available literature, leflunomide should be avoided in patients with known ILD or MTX-related pulmonary toxicity.

How does RA affect the lungs?

The lung problems most often linked to rheumatoid arthritis include: Scarring within the lungs. Scarring related to long-term inflammation (interstitial lung disease) may cause shortness of breath, a chronic dry cough, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite. Lung nodules.

Can Arava cause shortness of breath?

This leads to symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. In rare cases, ILD can be fatal. Tell your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ILD while taking Arava. They may have you stop taking the drug temporarily until they can determine the cause of your symptoms.

Can leflunomide cause interstitial lung disease?

Conclusions: Leflunomide can cause ILD. Most of these patients present within three months of starting leflunomide with acute symptoms for a week or less. Bilateral ground glass opacities and diffuse alveolar damage are the most common radiologic and histopathologic findings, respectively.

Can leflunomide cause shortness of breath?

If you develop shortness of breath and a dry cough after starting the leflunomide, you should also speak to your doctor.

Can leflunomide cause nodules?

Leflunomide may cause the formation and acceleration of nodular growth. These nodules are small and commonly occur over the extensor aspect of fingers and elbows.

Can leflunomide cause rheumatoid nodules?

Abstract. This is the first description of the development of rheumatoid nodules in 3 rheumatoid arthritis patients following leflunomide therapy. The nodules were localized at typical sites with preference of the extensor side of hands and elbow.

Can rheumatoid arthritis cause fluid in lungs?

RA-related lung complications are the most common extra-articular (“outside of the joints”) symptoms of RA and include pulmonary nodules (small growths in the lungs); pleural effusion (a buildup of fluid between the lung and chest wall); bronchiectasis (damage to the airways); and interstitial lung disease (ILD).

Can rheumatoid arthritis cause pulmonary fibrosis?

Many health conditions can cause pulmonary fibrosis. One of them is rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA causes inflammation and pain that affects the joints, but it can also affect other organs, like your lungs. Up to 40 percent of people with RA have pulmonary fibrosis.

Can leflunomide cause a cough?

Leflunomide (LFM) is one of the disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs. The long-term use of LFM affects multiple systems. The respiratory side effects include bronchitis (7%), bronchospasm and increased cough (3%), respiratory tract infection (15%), pharyngitis (3%), pneumonia (2%), rhinitis (2%) and sinusitis (2%).

Can leflunomide cause pulmonary fibrosis?

Abstract. Background: Leflunomide, a disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug in use since 1998, causes interstitial lung disease (ILD) and other pulmonary complications.

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