Can T.J. Watt break the sack record?

Can T.J. Watt break the sack record?

The Pittsburgh Steelers edge rusher will remain tied for the NFL’s sack record. Pittsburgh Steelers edge rusher T.J. Watt will remain tied with Michael Strahan for the NFL’s single-season sack record.

Is James Harrison hof?

2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame lookahead: James Harrison, Joe Thomas among first-time eligible players. The 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction class was announced Thursday during NFL Honors.

Did T.J. Watt have a sack today?

However, the statisticians in Baltimore ultimately ruled the botched snap between Huntley and center, Bradley Bozeman, as an aborted play with Watt being credited for a tackle for loss and a forced fumble, but no sack.

How many sacks does T.J. Watt need to break the single-season sack record?

Had he reached 23, his average would have dipped to just 1.53, a testament to the remarkable season that he has had. In order to surpass Reggie White’s record, he would have had to reach 26.5 sacks this season, which would set his average at 1.77 per game.

Who tied Michael Strahan’s sack record?

T.J. Watt
There is a new joint single-season sack leader in the NFL, and his name is T.J. Watt. The defensive end tied Michael Strahan’s single-season record of 22.5 sacks Sunday in the Steelers’ Week 18 finale when he sacked Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley in the second quarter.

Did Watt break Strahan sack record?

Watt capped a stellar 2021 campaign by tying Strahan’s sack record to join him as the NFL’s single-season sack king. Watt tracked down Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley near the end of the first half for his first sack of the game and a record-tying 22.5 on the season to join the history books.

Who is the NFL sack leader of all-time?

Bruce Smith
NFL History – Sack Leaders

Sack Leaders
1 Bruce Smith 200
2 Reggie White 198
3 Kevin Greene 160

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