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Can Trigon defeat Dormammu?

Can Trigon defeat Dormammu?

If they were in the Dark Dimension, Dormammu has an unfair advantage and would demolish Trigon. If they were outside, Trigon destroys Dormammu.

Can Trigon beat Doctor Strange?

Be it magic or strength, Trigon has it all. On top of that, he is nigh-invulnerable, which means Doctor Strange will have to get very cheeky if wants to even trouble the DC supervillain. Trigon is a supervillain the Avengers together might be able to handle, but Stephen alone is too much to ask.

Who would win in a fight Superman or Dormammu?

Susceptible to magic, Dormammu could easily overpower Superman with mystical energies or in a worst-case scenario, possesses him and use his Kryptonian body as a vessel for his own evil.

Would Trigon beat Darkseid?

He’s never really had to fight against a force like Trigon in the comic continuity one on one. The two are really incomparable; they’re different kinds of power. That said: because Darkseid can’t be killed, and because his Omega Beams can banish their target where he pleases, I think Darkseid wins.

Is Constantine more powerful than Dr Strange?

While Strange seems to always have magic on hand, summoning it with the flick of a wrist, Constatine utilizes spells more often than the good doctor like summoning demons with backward spoken spells. Although the magic is similar to Strange’s, it’s a little more powerful and dangerous as well.

Can Constantine beat Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange and John Constantine are both scholars in their field who have collected incredibly powerful weapons and talismans of magic that they both utilize, but Strange’s mastery of the mystical arts, his connection to the magical forces of the universe and his own powerful energies eke out the win, though …

Can doomsday beat Dormammu?

Dormammu would trick doomsday to come into the dark dimension and then Dormammu would have the upper hand because Dormammu rules the dark dimension. Doomsday would still have a chance but Dormammu would have control and with that type of strength Dormammu would eventually obliterate DOOMSDAY.

Which Marvel villain can beat Superman?

Galactus is one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe and he’s pretty much unstoppable by any of Earth’s heroes. While Superman is known for defeating powerful beings in the DC Universe, Galactus has a unique advantage over those when battling Superman.

Who has beaten Dormammu?

Abducting the Ancient One and luring Strange to the Dark Dimension, Mordo attempted a dirty move in his duel against Strange, drawing the ire of Dormammu, who considered it dishonorable. Strange then defeated Dormammu again and, once more, Dormammu promised not to attack Earth, including via any loopholes.

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