Can we sleep at Kochi airport?

Can we sleep at Kochi airport?

Sleeping in Cochin Airport For uninterrupted sleep, five guest rooms are available to rent in the domestic terminal and several nearby hotels offer free shuttle service. See our Airport Hotels section below for more info or read some traveller reviews for more tips.

Is Ernakulam and Kochi airport same?

Yes. Cochin International Airport in Nedumpassery near Angamaly houses both domestic and International terminals. The recently built Terminal 3 is exclusively for International travelers. The airport is less than 12KM from Aluva Railway Station and 29.5KM from Ernakulam Junction Railway Station.

Which railway station is near to Cochin International Airport?

Angamaly (AFK) and Aluva (AWY) are the nearest railway stations.

What is the cost of Cochin International Airport?

The total project cost for the airport is around Rs. 315 Crores financed through a paid up equity capital of Rs. 85 Crores and term loan of Rs. 218 Crores.

How do I get free lounge at Kochi airport?

Travellers must be departing on an international flight, but flight class doesn’t matter, so first class and economy class flyers can access this 24-hour lounge. Simply pre-book a pass or use your lounge membership program to gain entry.

Which cards are accepted at Kochi airport lounge?

Debit Card with free access to this Lounge

  • ICICI Coral Paywave Debit Card. 1 visit per quarter for Visa and Mastercard varient.
  • IDFC Visa Signature Card. 2 visits per quarter for Visa varient.
  • HDFC Times Points Debit Card. 1 visit per quarter for MasterCard varient.

How far is Ernakulam from Kochi?

The Distance between Kochi to Ernakulam by road is 10KM. The aerial distance from Kochi to Ernakulam is 7KM.

How do I get from Kochi airport to Kochi railway station?

Angamaly (AFK) is the nearest station to Cochin airport (around 8km). But not many trains will stop there. But almost all the trains will stop at Aluva (AWY) which is around 14km from airport.

Is Kochi airport a table top?

In the case of Kochi airport, although not a table-top runway, if water runoff is across the landing path, there is a risk of accidents.

Which card is accepted in Cochin airport lounge?

I got access to the lounge as a business class passenger of Air India, however you can also access the lounge with any card like Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Priority Pass among others.

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