Can you spray polyester primer over bare metal?

Can you spray polyester primer over bare metal?

VP2100 Polyester Primer should not be applied over bare metal, only over epoxy primer, fiberglass, or body fillers. Epoxy primer has dried overnight. 1 Clean the area thoroughly with the appropriate PPG cleaner, using clean towels.

Does polyester primer shrink?

High Solids- Because of the high solids content in the make up of poly primer there is very little shrink back on panels sprayed with it. This means you can spray and block it and prime or paint over top without the primer shrinking and causing imperfections in the surface of the paint or clear when done.

Can I put body filler over polyester primer?

So you can safely apply the filler over the polyester primer ( read a product like Evercoat G2 ) and not concern yourself with sand thrus and building a sandwich of epoxy and bodyfiller which in my opinion would be a major issue all in itself!!!!!!!!!! Once you block it straight with that..

What is polyester primer surfacer?

A high build two component polyester primer with good filling characteristics. Primer can be tinted up to 10% by volume with most polyester basecoat tints. Superior adhesion to properly prepared substrates such as steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and body fillers.

What causes primer shrinkage?

It’s when the primer allows the solvent in the paint get into the primer then it shrinks as the finish ages and the solvent is slowly released causing shrinkage and imperfection is the finish. or just hot sunny days will assist in curing the primer..

Can I use acrylic paint on polyester?

Acrylics are the most reliable, popular choice of paint for a polyester surface. Many traditional fabric paints and fabric markers will also work. Some brands like Jacquard even offer unique products designed specifically for use on synthetic fabric.

What grit do I use to block sand after primer?

Sandpaper for blocking can be purchased in a variety of grits. Mark Oja recommends 220-grit sandpaper for the initial cutting of the primer. For the final surface prep, 400-grit paper is used. These adhesive-backed papers grip the block and are easily removed.

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