Can you swim in the Berg River?

Can you swim in the Berg River?

The Berg River Resort is a clean, family-friendly venue that’s ideal for swimming and leisurely canoeing in the Winelands. Boats, canoes and tubes can be rented on site.

Is alcohol allowed at Berg River Resort?

General Information. Times: Gates open at 8:00 and day visitor vacation time is 17:45 for 18:00. No alcohol, bottles or any glassware allowed around the swimming pool or the river.

Where is the Berg River?

Western Cape Province of South Africa
The Berg River (also called Great Berg River or in Afrikaans: Bergrivier) is a river located just north of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It is approximately 294 km (183 mi) long with a catchment area of 7,715 km² (2979 mi²) and debouches into the Atlantic Ocean.

Where does the Berg River start and end?

Atlantic OceanBerg River / MouthThe Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world’s five oceans, with an area of about 106,460,000 km². It covers approximately 20% of Earth’s surface and about 29% of its water surface area. Wikipedia

Why can’t you swim in the Berg River?

There was sewage pollution in the river between Paarl and Wellington, apparently because of the current upgrading of the sewerage works in Wellington. “We were advised not to swim in a 30km stretch there because of the sewage pollution. But what we saw later goes way beyond that.

Can you swim in Berg River Dam?

You can walk, cycle, run, jog, swim, (not really legal I recently heard, but many people – including me – swim here) soak up the sun and enjoy nature and quiet moments.

Can you swim on Table Mountain?

Located in the Table Mountain National Park, between Hout Bay and Noordhoek, the Silvermine Reservoir is a fan-favourite for cooling down when the Mother City heats up – undoubtedly making it one of the best dams and rivers in Cape Town for swimming.

Can you swim at theewaterskloof?

Your Watersports Mecca Here, you can enjoy activities on the Theewaterskloof Dam such as sailing, powerboating, freshwater angling, canoeing, power kite surfing and swimming.

Is there a beach on Table Mountain?

But did you know that there is a beach on top of the world renowned Table Mountain? It is called Skeleton Gorge Beach.

Why is Sterkfontein dam so blue?

The waves are wind driven and add an interesting element to the otherwise “peninsula” protected flat water. The blue water is as a result of there being no rivers of significant gradient running into Sterkfontein Dam. It is like a really big man made pool sitting on top of a “hill,” the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg.

Where is Berg River located?

Is Berg River near Cape Town?

Welcome to Berg River Resort Berg River Resort is centrally situated in the picturesque, Cape Winelands, 60km northeast of Cape Town between Paarl & Franschhoek.

Where is the Berg River mouth?

Can you swim in De Villiers dam?

The dams – The Woodhead, Hely-Hutchinson, De Villiers, Alexandria and Victoria – are all on the mountain’s back table, the first of which was built as early as 1890, as the demand for water in the city increased. Did you know? The water in the dams is untreated and no swimming is allowed.

What fish are in the Berg River?

The Berg River is known for its excessively large population of indigenous fish. It contains smallmouth bass and carp and in smaller amounts Mozambique tilapia, sharp tooth catfish and smallmouth bass.

Where can I catch fish in Paarl?

Fishing in Paarl

  • Dams on Paarl Mountain.
  • Berg River Resort.
  • Du Kloof Lodge – Du Toitskloof.
  • The Elandspad River – Du Toitskloof.
  • The Smalblaar & Molenaars River – Du Toitskloof.
  • The Witte River – Wellington.
  • Le Ferme Trout Fishing Farm.
  • Theewaterskloof Dam – Villiersdorp.

What is the warmest beach in Cape Town?

Muizenberg Muizenberg is probably Cape Town’s ultimate family-friendly beach, with its warmer water, Blue Flag status, and quaint and colourful Victorian bathing boxes. This beautiful stretch of coastline is popular with families, dog walkers and surfers.

The water in the dams is untreated and no swimming is allowed. Up until the 1880s all who lived in Cape Town were dependent on one stream of water (Disa River) that flowed off the mountain.

Is there Witsand accommodation at the Breede River Lodge?

There is a variety of top class Witsand Accommodation to choose from for your stay at the Breede River Lodge. Click here for the Breede River Lodge Rates. To check our online availability or book, click here…

What is a B style chalet at Berg River Resort?

Berg River Resort has A and B-style chalets with various layouts. An A-style chalet has 2 bedrooms with an open-plan kitchen/ lounge. A B-style is an open-plan layout. In addition to the chalets, Berg River Resort also offers beautiful camping and caravan sites.

Where is Berg River Resort?

Berg River Resort is centrally situated in the beautiful Winelands, 60km northeast of Cape Town between Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. We are surrounded by beautiful Wine Farms and we have views of the Paarl Mountain Range. Berg River Resort was established by family for families.

Is there free parking at Berg River Resort?

Yes, free parking is available to guests. Learn more. What are some restaurants close to Berg River Resort? Conveniently located restaurants include Giovanni’s, Pearl Rock Terrace, and Cape to Rio Fisheries & Take – Aways. See all nearby restaurants.

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