Did Danny worsnop return Asking Alexandria?

Did Danny worsnop return Asking Alexandria?

When Worsnop was asked if he would ever return to making metal music online he responded with “Not opposed to it, but nothing planned at this point in time.” On 21 October 2016, guitarist Ben Bruce confirmed that Worsnop had officially reunited with Asking Alexandria after parting ways with Stoff around 18 months.

Does Asking Alexandria have a new lead singer?

He was replaced by Denis Stoff and the band released The Black (2016). Stoff departed from the band in October that year, and Worsnop subsequently returned to the band. The band released their self-titled fifth album in late 2017, which was a marked stylistic departure from their previous works.

Why did Danny worsnop leave Asking Alexandria?

We were mad at the situation, and we were just buckling under the pressure we were under, and we didn’t know how to handle it or where to direct that frustration. And because we were just stuck with each other, that’s where it went.”

Why did Denis quit Asking Alexandria?

On 22 January 2015, lead singer Danny Worsnop announced his departure from Asking Alexandria to focus on his new band We Are Harlot, of which it was quickly stated that his replacement was already found.

Why did Dennis get kicked out of Asking Alexandria?

Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop has hit out at the band’s former singer Denis Stoff, accusing him of lip-syncing during his time in the band. Stoff briefly replaced Warsnop during a hiatus between 2015-2017 – and even sung on their 2016 album, ‘The Black’.

Why did Denis Stoff leave?

In October 2016, Ben Bruce announced that Stoff left the band. In December 2017, Rock Sound interviewed Denis. Denis explained that his home country, Ukraine, is like a warzone now. He said there was stress for him and his family, and he had to stop touring to focus on family.

How old is Denis Stoff?

30 years (May 4, 1992)Denis Stoff / Age

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