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Did Patrick Swayze play in the movie Black Day?

Did Patrick Swayze play in the movie Black Day?

The film tells the story of a trucker and ex-con who is manipulated into transporting illegal arms….Black Dog (film)

Black Dog
Produced by Peter Saphier Mark W. Koch Raffaella De Laurentiis
Starring Patrick Swayze Randy Travis Meat Loaf Stephen Tobolowsky Charles Dutton

What country singer was in Black Dog?

crooner Randy Travis
One of the latest projects includes country music’s Decca Records teaming up with Universal Pictures to promote the explosive action thriller Black Dog from director Kevin Hooks. The brand new movie stars Patrick Swayze as ex-con Jack Crews, and country crooner Randy Travis who takes on his biggest acting role yet.

Where was the movie Black Dog filmed?

The film takes place on the docks in New Jersey. but at the end of the movie when Earl is on the gurney fixing to be put in the ambulance , the side of the ambulance says “New Hanover County rescue” which is the county where most of the film was filmed.

Who played Wes in Black Dog?

Brian Vincent
Black Dog (1998) – Brian Vincent as Wes – IMDb.

Who plays Sonny in black dog?

Gabriel Casseus
Black Dog (1998) – Gabriel Casseus as Sonny – IMDb.

Where was the movie dog filmed?

The film is the directorial debut of Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin. Dog was shot on location in Lancaster and Valencia, California, USA. Filming also took place in Los Angeles. Bixby Bridge, CA, USA.

What year did Patrick Swayze pass away?

September 14, 2009Patrick Swayze / Date of death

What does Black Dog Stand For?

“The black dog has been used as a metaphor for depression from classical mythology through medieval folklore to Churchill. It acts as a symbol to externalise moods and thoughts that are difficult to communicate,” said Wallace.

What year was the Peterbilt in black dog?

Movie Trucks – Peterbilt 379 from Black Dog (1998)

How many dogs were used in the movie dog?

Three different dogs
Three different dogs played the role of Lulu, and Tatum spent almost a year warming up to them. He admitted that he still finished the movie with a “smiley face scar on his buttock” and a gash on his face from a scene where he had to grapple with one of the dogs over a stuffed unicorn toy.

Who trained the dog in the movie dog?

The dog who appears the most in the movie is Britta, who now lives with her trainer in Hamilton, Montana. “Britta is in 80% of the movie. She’s our hero dog, she did most of our acting,” Carolin said, describing her as “calm” with a “very expressive face.”

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