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Did Stevie Wonder play harmonica for Eurythmics?

Did Stevie Wonder play harmonica for Eurythmics?

“There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)” is a song by the British musical duo Eurythmics, released as the second single from their fifth studio album, Be Yourself Tonight (1985). It features a harmonica solo by American musician Stevie Wonder.

Did Stevie Wonder use a harmonica?

The world first met Little Stevie Wonder in his capacity as a virtuoso of the chromatic harmonica—an instrument played by almost no one else in soul, blues, or rock.

What brand harmonica does Stevie Wonder use?

Huang harmonica
Although Stevie now mainly plays a custom made Huang harmonica, many of his recordings feature the Hohner Chromonica Super 64. Players wishing to attempt to replicate his sound will find this a good starting point, as it offers the necessary four octave range at a competitive price point.

What song did Stevie Wonder play harmonica for Elton John?

Too Low for Zero was the first Elton John album since Blue Moves in 1976 with Bernie Taupin as the exclusive lyricist. During their time apart, each had success working with other artists. Taupin collaborated with Alice Cooper, and Elton turned to Gary Osbourne for lyrics. Stevie Wonder played harmonica on this track.

Who taught Stevie Wonder harmonica?

He taught himself to play harmonica by the time he was five, which encouraged his mother to sign him up for piano lessons a year later. At eight, he began learning the drums.

Is Stevie Wonder friends with Elton John?

Elton John and Stevie Wonder celebrate friendship and life’s most beautiful moments in new video. Despite being friends for many years, it’s taken decades for these two icons of music to final collaborate.

Who plays harmonica on Finish Line?

Stevie Wonder’s
‘Finish Line’ is a track that features Stevie Wonder’s soulful voice as well as his signature harmonica. The song also has gospel undertones with Kanye West’s The Sunday Service Choir also featured on the track.

Does Stevie Wonder have perfect pitch?

It’s true. I have perfect pitch. I can look at a piece of music and hear it playing in my head, in the correct key. In rehearsal you don’t have to play pitches for me, because I already know where to begin.

Did Stevie Wonder take vocal lessons?

He continued to pursue his piano and singing lessons. He even went on to take lessons on songwriting to further refine his art. When he turned 21, Stevie Wonder was writing his own music.

Who plays harmonica on I guess that why they call it the blues?

Stevie Wonder
The song features Stevie Wonder on harmonica. The song received largely favourable reviews, with Bill Janovitz of AllMusic declaring the song “likely to stand the test of time as a standard.”

Why did Stevie Wonder wrote for once in my life?

According to manager John Levy, who wrote about the record in his 2000 book, Men, Women, and Girl Singers, “[Motown head] Berry Gordy stopped radio stations from playing it.” Gordy, it was alleged, wanted the song for Stevie Wonder, and he wasn’t going to let rival Chess (whose A&R man was his former songwriting …

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