Do you cut back silver mound?

Do you cut back silver mound?

Prune ‘Silver Mound’ Flowers Prune the plant back after its yellow summer blooms fade to tidy its profile and remove any brown, dead branches. Cutting ‘Silver Mound’ back by one-third or one-half at this time encourages vibrant new foliage.

Do you prune silver mound in spring?

To care for silver mound artemisia, grow the clumping plant in full sun where the ground is well-draining. Only water silver mound when the soil is dry. For healthy growth, it’s best to prune silver mound in early spring.

Do you cut back Artemisia in winter?

Some Artemisia in winter naturally lose their leaves and new foliage may be forming. Additionally, if the root ball was not killed, you can probably get the plant to come back. Use a clean, sharp pruner and gently scrape the woody stems and trunk.

Do you cut back Artemisia?

Perennial artemisias can be cut back in the fall or spring. Shrubby varieties should be pruned back hard, to a point just above the lowest growth nodes—don’t cut them back flush with ground level. Non-woody artemisias can get floppy, especially after flowering.

How do you take care of a silver mound?

Silver mound Artemisia care, other than division every two to three years, consists of infrequent watering during periods of no rain and a mid-summer trim, usually around the time the insignificant flowers appear in late June. Trimming keeps the plant tidy and helps it maintain its mounding shape and avoid splitting.

How do you keep a silver mound from flopping?

Seldom over a foot in height, it makes an excellent border or rock garden plant. The middle of the clump tends to die out, but well-drained soil, allowing ample room for each plant, and trimming plants back before they bloom help prevent this.

How do you take care of a Silver Mound?

How do you maintain Artemisia?

Can silver mound be divided?

How and when to divide silver mound plants? A. You can actually dig up the entire clump and divide it into two or more sections with a shovel, depending on its size. Fall is a good time for this or you can wait until spring, just as new growth appears and before it gets too large.

How do you maintain a Silver Mound?

Is Silver Mound invasive?

It has two notable advantages over other Artemsia varieties—’Silver Mound’ tolerates hot temperatures without fading, and it doesn’t spread invasively like some of its relatives.

Does Silver Mound need full sun?

The silver mound plant performs best when located in a full to partial sun location in average soil. Planting this specimen in less than fertile soil decreases some aspects of silver mound care. Soils that are too rich or too poor create the condition of splitting, dying out or separating in the middle of the mound.

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