Does anyone live on Wedge Island?

Does anyone live on Wedge Island?

There are people who live at Wedge and who work at Wedge. There are people who live at Wedge who work close by. There is the next generation of children being raised at Wedge. I had the opportunity to live with my husband and two children at Wedge Island for three months on the start of our trek around Australia.

How do u get to Wedge Island?

To get to Wedge Island now you either need to take the new highway and turn off, or drive along the beach. You can take the inland track, but it is difficult to follow as there are many different tracks. You can phone (08) 9311 2772 to check if it is open.

Can you stay at Wedge Island?

Prices start at AU$ 160 per night, and holiday houses and flats & apartments are popular options for a stay in Wedge Island. Either way, you’ll find holiday accommodation for everyone’s needs.

Why is it called Wedge Island?

Wedge Island was named after government surveyor Charles Wedge, in 1875 by Staff-Commander William Edwin Archdeacon R.N., who was in charge of the Admiralty survey of the coast of Western Australia.

Can you swim to Wedge Island?

A Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Regulation 44 closure notice remains in place for the water surrounding Wedge Island, up to one kilometre out to sea. This closure does not apply to vessels. Beach access is permitted, but swimming or entering the water is prohibited.

Can you drive to Wedge Island?

Because of Indian Ocean Drive, Wedge Island is now much more accessible to the public; 2WD vehicles now have highway access straight to the beach parking lot. However, if you want the full experience, it is best to bring a 4WD vehicle and take the sandy, scenic route to get to the island.

Can you walk to Wedge Island?

Wedge Island is located just offshore from Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park. Two hours either side of the low tide the causeway to the island becomes accessible. Take the time to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of this island.

How long is the Cape Hillsborough walk?

Breathtaking ocean, island and coastal views are well worth the climb on this visually-rewarding walk. Allow 2hrs walking time.

Where is smalleys Beach?

Cape Hillsborough National Park
Smalleys Beach camping area is in Cape Hillsborough National Park, 50km north-west of Mackay on the Central Queensland coast. The camping area is located 1.5km along Smalleys Beach Road. Travel 4km from the park entrance along Cape Hillsborough Road and turn left onto Smalleys Beach Road.

Can you swim at smalleys Beach?

A beautiful walk along the beach but not ideal for swimming because of tides.

Can you have fires at Cape Hillsborough?

Fires are not permitted anywhere else in the park, including on the beaches. All campers must carry sturdy rubbish bags to remove all rubbish from the park. Generators are not permitted anywhere in the park. Camping permits are required and fees apply.

Can you swim at Cape Hillsborough?

The beach at Cape Hillsborough is protected by the lower end of the Whitsunday Islands. Popular snorkeling and swimming locations can be found around Wedge Island, Orchid Rock and the foot of Cape Hillsborough. Spectacular soft corals and a wide range of fish, turtles, crustaceans and other sea life can be observed.

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