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Does Oakley have clip?

Does Oakley have clip?

Inspired by the design ethos that less is more, Oakley® Money Clip pairs a modern-classic panto silhouette with a frame entirely constructed out of titanium to create the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. Measurements listed intended for customer use only.

How do I find the right clip on sunglasses?

Make sure that the clip-on size you select is at least as large as your lens measurement. If your lens measurement is not listed in the size options, select the next largest size clip-ons. For example: if your lens measures 47mm, the best option would be a size 48.

Are there clip on sunglasses?

Clip-on sunglasses come in various tints, shapes and sizes, and with different levels of UV protection and special coatings. But, instead of full frames, the two darkened lenses, which are linked together by a bridge for your nose, attach to your regular prescription eyeglasses with clips or magnets.

What do the numbers mean for clip on sunglasses?

C) Clip-on Sunglasses with Color Mirror Lens. 2) The second method (and admittedly the crudest and the least accurate method ), is by simply looking at the numbers on your frame. You will see a series of numbers which may look like this (51 – 18 – 135) A) The first “two digits” “51” indicate the width of one lens.

What is rec on sunglasses?

It was impossible to figure out; eventually I called them. So in the name like “Solar Shield 54 Rec 15” 54 is the width of one lens, in mm. Rec 15 is their internal number (perhaps related to the rectangular shape, hence Rec), with no direct meaning for the user: they have Rec 1, Rec A, Rec B, Rec 19… A.

What are sun clips?

A sun clip is a lightweight metal-frame pair of sun lenses that clips comfortably to another pair of glasses. This can be a great alternative to carrying around an entire pair of sunglasses. They are easy to use and to transport, given their simple, sleek designs.

Do clip on sunglasses need to be prescription?

Do You Wear Clip-On Sunglasses Over Prescription Glasses? You wear clip-on sunglasses over regular prescription glasses. This means you don’t need to remove your regular glasses to attach clip-on sun protection.

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