Does Propecia make you gain weight?

Does Propecia make you gain weight?

Weight gain is not a known side effect of Propecia (finasteride).

Do you lose weight on finasteride?

Results: Weight gain was modestly lower in the finasteride compared to placebo arms (0.14 vs. 0.16% per year, P<0.025).

Does finasteride affect fat distribution?

a) The drug appears to contribute to peripheral insulin resistance and diabetes. b) It changes the distribution of body fat and induces hepatic steatosis. c) Due to its influence on bone metabolism, a periodic bone density assessment in individuals using finasteride is mandatory.

How long does it take to see full results from finasteride?

Although finasteride starts blocking DHT right away, it usually takes several months for this to produce a noticeable improvement in your hair. Many men who use finasteride see some improvements after three to four months, with the “final” results from finasteride usually taking about one year.

Does finasteride slow metabolism?

Finasteride, sold under the brand names Proscar and Propecia among others, is a medication used to treat hair loss and benign prostatic hyperplasia in men….Finasteride.

Clinical data
Protein binding 90%
Metabolism Liver (CYP3A4, ALDH)
Elimination half-life Adults: 5–6 hours Elderly: >8 hours
Excretion Feces: 57% Urine: 40%

Does blocking DHT cause weight gain?

DHT affects muscle strength and your body’s ability to keep a lean muscle mass, so low levels of DHT can lead to unexpected weight gain.

Does finasteride increase metabolism?

Conclusions: Finasteride is an efficient 5alpha-reductase inhibitor even at low doses of 1 mg/day. In men treated with this dose for 12 months, we observed mild differences in metabolic profile with slight amelioration of glucose metabolism regulation.

Does Propecia affect metabolism?

Should I be concerned? A. Finasteride (sold as Proscar and generic brands) is prescribed for symptoms of an enlarged prostate; it’s also used at a lower strength (under the name Propecia) for male pattern baldness. Finasteride blocks the metabolism of testosterone.

Does finasteride affect muscle mass?

The World Health Organization’s Adverse Drug Reaction Database contained 508 reports of serious muscle-related side effects suspected of being linked to the use of finasteride, mostly atrophy, weakness, myalgia and sudden, strong muscle tightening (spasms).

Does DHT increase muscle mass?

In a recent study we showed that dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but not testosterone, increases force production in fast contracting muscles and decreases it in slow contracting ones. These findings led us to suggest that DHT may be a better muscle building hormone than testosterone.

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