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Strategy, that works: how to be a successful freelancer

It goes without saying, that the easiest and fastest way to make money for a student is freelancing. There are many types of services offered by exchange of freelancing, but the most popular are copywriting and writing because the unique, high-quality text needed now virtually everywhere. In this article, you can explore the shortest route to the top exchanges of freelancing.

Freelancer starter pack

Every decent freelancer has a special kit to conquer the tops of the freelancing exchange – a cup of coffee, comfortable pyjama pants and eternal deadlines. But seriously speaking, you should have the following tools:

  • Any mailbox to communicate with customers and get tasks;
  • Online wallet for salary (In most cases, employers prefer Web Money or PayPal);
  • As a bonus, you can use some task manager for setting tasks and tracking time.
  • Needless to say, you need fast internet, a computer and Word.

So, when you are armed with everything you need (don’t forget about the cup of coffee and pyjama pants!), you can proceed to the next step in the strategy.

Why employers should choose me?

Of course, it’s not enough just to have a wallet. Try to think about why customers should work with you and determine your best traits to write a quality article. If you are a beginner, you should look into the freelance market and find out how much do the services that you offer cost. Evaluating your level, choose the most suitable orders for you to not to cause problems either to the employer or even to yourself.

Pumping your skills

The main thing in freelance academic writing jobs is perseverance. If you are not ready to spend many hours sitting at the computer and staring at the screen, that work is not for you. Besides patience, there are quite a few important skills, which will be useful in the work:

  • Ability to search and process lots of information quickly;
  • Express thoughts as simple as possible;
  • Extract the most important facts from texts, “removing excess water”;
  • Know the genres of texts and their features.

Well, you have all the necessary skills, tools and even pyjama pants, and now you can begin working.

Getting started

Congratulations! You received your first order! Now try not to mess up everything. Quality and timely follow orders, improve your skills and dial the base of regular customers and clients. To establish itself as a reliable and professional artist, it is important to efficiently and in a timely manner to carry out the work for which you have agreed. Over time, your skills will improve, and you will be able to work with regular customers, completing many orders. Regular customers – this is something that should strive. They will provide you with loading and stable inflow of money. Do not be afraid to start with a modest fee. If the customer sees that you are a good employee, you can discuss the rate increase.

And last, but not least – do not worry if some customers would refuse to work with you. It is absolutely normal if out of 10-15 potential customers only 1-2 reach the real order. Professional freelancers have the same statistics.

Something about deadlines

The thing that you should always remember is deadlines. It will be very coarse if you hand in your term paper after the deadline. Try to leave the most positive impression of yourself with your employer in order to receive additional orders from them.


Quite a simple algorithm that allows anyone, absolutely from scratch, to become a novice freelancer. Of course, immediately on the first day of registration on the freelance market, you will not receive a large order, for which the employer offers a large amount. It takes some time, you get into the work, get regular customers and a decent income from remote work is provided.


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