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How can I check my old Saurashtra result?

How can I check my old Saurashtra result?

Visit the official Saurashtra University website, Saurashtra University’s official page will open. Scroll down the home page and click on ‘Result’. Now the Saurashtra University Result Portal will open.

How can I get my transcript online from Saurashtra University?

FACTS 3 step Transcript process for WES

  1. Create an Account.
  2. Upload your documents and submit your application.
  3. We arrange your transcript from your University and deliver it to your recipients.

Who established Saurashtra University?

The Saurashtra University Act was passed by the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat in the year 1965(Gujarat Act No. 39 of 1965).

Is Saurashtra University Exam Cancelled?

Rajkot: Saurashtra University postponed all the exams for first semester of academic year 2020-21 that were scheduled from December 1. The varsity took this decision on Monday in wake of the rising coronavirus cases in Rajkot and other towns of Saurashtra.

How do I apply for reassessment in Saurashtra University?

Saurashtra University Reassessment On the university’s official website, you can fill out an application for a review of your answer sheet. Students must download the application form and present it in person at the university office within seven days of the Saurashtra University result being announced.

Why Gujarat is called Saurashtra?

The name of State was given after the Kathiawar and Saurashtra region, both of which generally denote the same geographical region of lands on the main peninsula of Gujarat.

Is Saurashtra University a private University?

Founded in 1967, Saurashtra University is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the metropolis of Rajkot (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), Gujarat.

How can I get Phd in Saurashtra University?

Saurashtra University Rajkot Phd Application form fee Students who are willing to apply for admission at the doctoral level, then they can submit their application form by depositing Rs 1200 to the university online. The university accepts the application fee via online mode.

How can I get admission in MSc in Saurashtra University?

(ECI) and BSc/MSc Applied Physics….Saurashtra University MSc Admission 2021.

Saurashtra University MSc Admission Highlights
Eligibility criteria BSc degree in the relevant subject
Selection criteria University-based entrance exam
Course fee Rs 90,000 – Rs 1,10,000

How do I recheck my paper in GTU?

Search result of the student in site ( And Go to recheck/reassessment option by clicking on button.

How can I check my reassessment result in GTU?

Visit the official Website at

  1. Search the latest Result link on Home page.
  2. Click on GTU UG/ PG Sem Spell 1/2/3 reassessment Results.
  3. Enter Your Admission Roll.
  4. View and Download Your reassessment Result.

Is Saurashtra University a private university?

Who ruled Saurashtra?

Maitraka dynasty, Indian dynasty that ruled in Gujarat and Saurashtra (Kathiawar) from the 5th to the 8th century ce. Its founder, Bhatarka, was a general who, taking advantage of the decay of the Gupta empire, established himself as ruler of Gujarat and Saurashtra with Valabhi (modern Vala) as his capital.

Is Saurashtra University a government university?

Saurashtra University is a university in Gujarat state in India. This university was established on 23 May 1967, in Rajkot city, and the administrative headquarters are at Rajkot….Saurashtra University.

Type Public
Affiliations UGC

Who is Saurashtra University Vice Chancellor?

Nitinkumar M. PethaniSaurashtra University / Vice-chancellor

What is the difference between recheck and reassessment?

In reassessment they check your paper again and there is almost 50 percentage of chance to clear those backlogs. In rechecking they just recount the marks.

Can we apply for both recheck and reassessment in GTU?

The result of the student revised on account of reassessment shall not entitle the student for medal/prize. 7. Re-Assessment and Rechecking is permitted in all semesters of all courses.

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