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How can I contact NSDL DP?

How can I contact NSDL DP?

  1. Allahabad Bank.
  2. Registration No. IN-DP-NSDL-89-99.
  3. Telephone. 03322313057.
  4. Fax No. 03322313057.
  5. Contact Person. C R MOHANTY.
  6. Kolkata Main Branch, Correspondence Kolkata Main Branch, KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, 700001.
  7. Mar 09, 1999 – Perpetual.

How do I complain to NSDL?

Submit PAN Complaint via TIN NSDL

  1. Visit to the TIN NSDL portal.
  2. Under the drop-down section of Customer Care, click on Complaints/Queries.
  3. Click on Compliant and fill the form.
  4. Enter the Captcha Code and click on Submit.

How do I get to NSDL?

In case you have any queries or grievances relating to your PAN card, you can contact the below listed toll-free numbers of both the NSDL (Income Tax PAN services unit) or the UTI Infrastructure Technology Services Limited (UTIITSL)….Telephone No.

  1. (022) 67931141.
  2. (022) 25400905.
  3. (022) 26200368.

Who is NSDL DP?

NSDL provides various services to investors through market intermediaries called Depository Participants (DP). As per SEBI regulations, DPs could be organisations involved in the business of providing financial services such as banks, brokers, custodians, financial institutions, etc.

What is demat account NSDL?

What’s NSDL Demat account? NSDL or the National Securities Depository Limited is India’s oldest and most renowned provider of demat account services. NSDL also provides a wide range of services related to shares to its customers. Any Demat account opened with the NSDL is termed an NSDL Demat account.

Does NSDL refund money?

There is no provision of fee refund by the Income Tax department of India, if the application form gets rejected, either on the ground of incorrect or incomplete information. One can re-apply for the PAN card with correct information using the same payment details.

What is NSDL PAN?

Protean eGov Technologies Limited (formerly National Securities Depository Limited-NSDL) was established in 1996. NSDL was originally set up as a Depository in 1995.

What is NSDL full form?

National Securities Depository Limited Home Contact Us.

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