How can you tell a rooster from a Cochin hen?

How can you tell a rooster from a Cochin hen?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between roosters and hens. Roosters tend to start growing their combs out around 4 weeks or so. Their comb will get redder and larger while the hens’ combs will stay small and light pink colored.

What does a black Cochin rooster look like?

Black Cochin chickens are a beautiful coal-black color. Cochins are heavily feathered from tip to toe. Their fluffy, downy feathers give them a massive and bulky appearance.

What is a Cochin rooster?

Cochins are recognized by the American Poultry Association in several color patterns: Buff, Partridge, White, Black, Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Blue, Brown, and Barred (listed in order of development). They were admitted to the Standard of Perfection in 1874.

What does a Cochin bantam rooster look like?

Their plumage is abundant, soft, and richly fluffy… [They] have full-feathered feet so that a Cochin Bantam’s legs are hardly visible. The tail is a downy rotund mass of feathers…” These chickens have small- to medium-sized combs and wattles, red earlobes, and reddish bay eyes.

Are Cochin roosters aggressive?

Cochins are calm, friendly birds. Even the roosters are known for being fairly mellow. The boys rarely get aggressive, mean, or quarrelsome. However, the bantam boys are not so mellow – they can be feisty, aggressive, and fight for territory.

How big do Cochin roosters get?

Cochins are undoubtedly one of the largest breeds of chickens you will ever have in your chicken coop. The hens weigh in at about 8 pounds while the roosters can often tip the scales at about 11 pounds. They can often look even more substantial than that because of their very fluffy feathers.

What breed of rooster is most aggressive?

Which Rooster Breeds Are The Most Aggressive?

  • Malay: This breed is well known for their aggression.
  • Asil: Another well known asian breed specifically bred for fighting.
  • Old English Game: Although they look very handsome, they are notoriously aggressive.

Are Cochin chickens noisy?

Cochin chickens aren’t known to be noisier than the average chicken. However, because they’re so large, some may have louder voices.

What is a Barred Cochin?

Barred Cochin chickens are a massive Asiatic breed covered with an extraordinary abundance of soft, fluffy colored feathers. The Barred Cochin has light and dark colors alternating in parallel lines along each feather, making for a beautifully striped bird from tip to toe. Extremely eye catching.

What is the best rooster to have?


  • Polish.
  • Rhode Island Red.
  • Brahma.
  • Barbu D’Uccle.
  • Delaware. Delaware roosters are well known to be docile and gentle with their humans.
  • Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rocks are old favorites.
  • New Hampshire. The New Hampshire breed was developed from Rhode Island Reds.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Saq8XgMXldQ

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