How do I clear the FortiGate Web filter cache?

How do I clear the FortiGate Web filter cache?


  1. Go to System > FortiGuard.
  2. Scroll down to the Filtering section.
  3. Configure the settings as needed: Web Filter Cache. Enable/disable web filter cache, and set the amount of time that the FortiGate will store a blocked IP address or URL locally.
  4. Click Apply.

How do I enable FortiGate Web cache?

General configuration steps

  1. Configure the FortiGate unit as a reverse proxy web cache server.
  2. Configure the FortiGate unit for SSL offloading of HTTPS traffic.
  3. Add an SSL server to offload SSL encryption and decryption for the web server.

How configure WAN optimization in FortiGate?

Enabling WAN optimization and configuring the explicit web proxy for the wireless interface. Go to System -> Feature Visibility and ensure that Explicit Proxy is enabled. 2) Go to Network -> Interfaces, edit the wireless interface and select’ Enable Explicit Web Proxy’. 3) Go to Network > Explicit Proxy.

What is FortiCache?

The FortiCache high-end caching solution provides application caching for large enterprises, ISPs, mobile providers, telcos, universities and educational grids. By caching application content, organizations can reuse popular content rather than download the same content each time a user requests it.

How do I change FortiGuard filtering services?

Go to System -> FortiGuard and navigate to the Filtering section: -In FortiGuard Filtering Protocol, select HTTPS. -In FortiGuard Filtering Port, select a port (either 443, 53, or 8888). Select ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

Which Fortinet built technology allows FortiGate to enable better throughput performance?

∎ The FortiGate-VM vSPU is a unique technology that enhances performance by offloading part of packet processing to user space, while using a kernel bypass solution within the operating system. With vSPU enabled, FortiGate-VM can achieve more than triple the throughput for a UDP firewall rule.

How do I restart FortiGate Web Filter Service?

Go to System -> FortiGuard, and under Filtering section change the port and press the Check Again button and then Apply to save the changes: Starting from FortiOS 6.2. 2, there is also an option to use HTTPS on ports 443, 53 or 8888 instead of UDP.

How do I know if FortiGate is blocking traffic?

Go to User & Device > Monitor > Firewall. Select the Y account and select De-authenticate. Go to System > FortiView > Applications and select the now view. You will see that Tor traffic has been blocked.

What is security rating in FortiGate?

The Security Rating page is separated into three major scorecards: Security Posture, Fabric Coverage, and Optimization, which provide an executive summary of the three largest areas of security focus in the Security Fabric. The scorecards show an overall letter grade and breakdown of the performance in sub-categories.

What is security-driven Networking Fortinet?

Fortinet’s Security-driven Network is the first security strategy designed to encompass the entire network development and deployment life cycle, ensuring that security functions as the central consideration for all business-driven infrastructure decisions.

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