How do I create a custom drive icon?

How do I create a custom drive icon?

How to set a custom icon for a removable drive

  1. Connect the removable drive you want to set a custom icon.
  2. Using File Explorer, open the removable drive.
  3. At the root of the drive, right-click, select New, and click Text Document.
  4. Name the file autorun.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the rename.

How do I restore my drive icon in Windows 10?

a: Right click on an Empty space on the desktop and select Personalize. b: Now Click Change Desktop Icons in the left pane of that window. c: Select all the Desktop Icons and then click Restore Defaults button . d: Then Click “Apply” and then “Ok” .

How do I change the network drive icon?

You could create a shortcut to the mapped drive and change the icon of the shortcut by right clicking on the shortcut, choose properties, click the change icon button on the properties screen and select the icon you wish to use.

Is there a Google Drive app for PC?

Google Drive for desktop is a desktop application that allows for quick and easy access to the contents of your Google Drive account.

How do I make a USB icon?

Change USB Icon With NAME

  1. Go to Notepad (Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Notepad). Type the following:
  2. [Autorun] label=Your USB Name. Icon=Yourimage.ico.
  3. Go to File –> Save As –> Name it autorun. inf and save it in the Root of the USB Drive. Now all you need is an Icon.

How do I recover my hard drive icon?

How to restore my Hard disc drivers ICONS

  1. Type Folder Options into the Start menu search box to find and open the Folder Options.
  2. Go into the drive that shows the wrong icon.
  3. Return to “Computer” and refresh to see if the icon shows correctly.
  4. Return to Folder Options to turn hidden/system file display back off.

How do I change drive icon in Windows?

Change drive icons with Drive Icon Changer Select the drive of which you want to change the icon and then select the icon file. Click the Save button to apply the new drive icon. You need to restart your PC once to see the new icon. If you get the old icon even after the PC restart, rebuild the icon cache.

How do I change the hard drive icon in Windows 11?

How to Change Drive Icon in Windows 11/10

  1. Move your ICO image to a designated folder and make sure you don’t change its location or replace or remove it.
  2. Copy the path of the icon image.
  3. Open Registry Editor.
  4. Move to the DriveIcons key.
  5. Create a new sub-key for a particular drive.

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