How do I look up my Delta SkyMiles number?

How do I look up my Delta SkyMiles number?

If you don’t know your ticket number or SkyMiles number, you can talk to a Delta phone agent to get these details after answering a few security verification questions — just call 800-221-1212.

How do I recover my SkyMiles account?

My account is locked.

  1. Click “SIGN IN” at the top right of any page. You will be taken to the Member sign in page.
  2. Click on the “Forgot login ID/password?” next to the “SIGN IN” button and follow the directions to reset your account by providing your email address or SkyMiles number.

How do I add my SkyMiles number?

Where do I enter my Delta Skymiles number so I don’t have to pay for baggage, etc? To add your loyalty number, log in with your booking code and surname on ‘My Trip’ ( after booking your ticket and click on the ‘passenger details’ tab. A button will appear with the words ‘Add frequent flyer number’. >>>

Is SkyMiles the same as frequent flyer number?

SkyMiles is more than just a frequent flyer program, it is a loyalty program. With SkyMiles partners, get closer to your next adventure by earning miles with the everyday products and services you enjoy. Earn miles on dining out, overnight stays, rideshares, shopping sprees and more with the brands you love.

Can I merge two SkyMiles accounts?

The Merging of two Delta SkyMiles accounts is a non-reversible transaction once confirmed by the user and can only be done between accounts that are for the same person. First and last names must match on the accounts and the user must submit both SkyMiles account numbers and Passwords.

Do Delta SkyMiles expire?

Delta miles do not expire, regardless of whether or not there is any activity in your Delta frequent flyer account. That’s a unique benefit of Delta’s frequent flyer program, as a majority of other types of airline miles will expire if you don’t meet certain criteria.

Can you add SkyMiles after booking?

If you don’t already have a SkyMiles account but have recently taken a flight, you can still sign up for SkyMiles and get the credit — so long as your flight was no longer than 30 days prior to the date you signed up for SkyMiles.

How do I get a frequent flier number from Delta?

Members will be assigned an individual membership number upon enrollment and can access a digital membership card via My Wallet in the Fly Delta app. Members can also print a membership card by going to My SkyMiles. Membership numbers are nontransferable. Only one person may be enrolled per SkyMiles account.

Can I use my Delta SkyMiles number for someone else?

Help get your friends and family where they need to go by sharing some of your miles with them. You can transfer miles to up to 4 SkyMiles Members at a time. Just enter a recipient’s name, SkyMiles number and email. Some terms and conditions, including transaction fees, apply.

Why did my Delta SkyMiles disappear?

To appreciate the fact that Delta miles don’t expire, we’ve got to look at competing frequent flyer programs. Losing travel rewards simply because they expired is the worst, so don’t let it happen to you. Here’s a look at airline mileage expiration policies: Air Canada: 12 months without activity.

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