How do I prepare for surgical tech exam?

How do I prepare for surgical tech exam?

Take the Certified Surgical Technologist Practice Examination (only can be taken once) from Logic Extension Resources. Practice on other practice questions before taking this exam. Plan ahead for the day of your examination. Know the directions to the test-taking site.

What is a passing score on the CST exam?

The passing score is the minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly. The current passing score on the CST examination is 102 of the 150 scored questions. Score reports are provided to all candidates who take the examination.

What kind of questions are on the CST exam?

The CST exam is a computer-based test containing 200 multiple-choice questions, 25 of which are unscored. The test-taker has four hours to complete the exams. The following surgical technology topics are covered on the CST exam: Pre-Operative Preparation.

How do I pass the Nbstsa exam?

Candidates must correctly answer 102 questions to pass the CST examination. There are 175 questions on the test, 150 of which are scored, and 25 of which are being tested for future examinations, and do not count for or against the individual taking the test.

What books do you need for surgical tech?

Surgical Technology Program. Book List.

  • SGT 1305: Introduction to Surgical Technology. Association of Surgical Technologists. (
  • SGT 1309: Fundamentals of Perioperative Technique.
  • Surgical Technology Program.
  • SGT 1211: Surgical Pathophysiology.
  • SGT1441: Surgical Procedures I.
  • SGT1442: Surgical Procedures II.
  • CAP 3000: Capstone.
  • Is surgical Tech stressful?

    A surgical technician job can be a stressful and physically demanding job for a number of reasons: Long working hours. Physical demands. May need to be on-call, or work night shifts and weekends.

    Do you need to know math to be a surgical tech?

    Complex math isn’t part of the day-to-day for the typical surgical technologist. Simple calculations or unit conversion may be required, but no further advanced math skills will be commonly needed. There is a 3 credit hour general education requirement for mathematics as part of the Herzing surgical technology program.

    How do surgical techs use math?

    Surgical physicians use mathematics to; Measure vital signs (temperature, respiration, blood pressure, and pulse). Calculate the weight and height of the patient. Calculate the dosing of medication.

    What is the difference between sterile processing tech and surgical tech?

    Surgical technologists work as part of a surgical team in the operating room, assisting surgeons, registered nurses, and other surgical personnel. Sterile processing technicians serve as the behind-the-scenes backbone of the operating room, sterilizing surgical equipment and assembling surgical tools and supplies.

    What math is used in surgery?

    The valves and limitations of mathematical models are examined briefly in the general medical field and particularly in relation to the surgeon. Arithmetic and statistics are usually regarded as the most immediately useful parts of mathematics.

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