How do I submit a photo to Reddit?

How do I submit a photo to Reddit?

Step-1: Open the Reddit app. Step-2: Click the + button on the bottom bar of the default screen. Step-3: Select images and videos from the top bar, under the ‘Add a title’. Step-4: In the Post to section, choose the subreddit you want to post in.

How do you post a picture on the Reddit app?

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  1. Open Reddit.
  2. Tap +.
  3. Tap Post Image/Video.
  4. Tap Select Community.
  5. Select a subreddit.
  6. Type a title.
  7. Tap Library.
  8. Select a photo.

Where can I post a picture on Reddit?

The majority of people will use Imgur to post images and will then create a link post that links to the URL of the picture you just uploaded to Imgur. Reddit also recently added native image uploading so that you can upload images directly to Reddit.

Why can’t I upload image to Reddit?

Go into your settings on your device go to reddit app permissions. Click allow management of files/storage. This was blocked for some reason and clicking allow fixed the problem for me. Hope this works for you guys!

How do I post a picture on Reddit 2021?

Click the plus sign (in the app) to create a post and click Image. It’ll let you attach a pic from your photos but you can only write a small amount of text with it. The text shows as a bar moving across the bottom of the photo.

How do I Imgur on Reddit?

Tutorial: How to upload your photos to imgur so you can share them in reddit comments, but random creeps on imgur can’t stumble upon them

  1. upload your pictures to imgur using the mobile website.
  2. create an album.
  3. get the share link for your image or album so other people can see them from reddit.

How do I use Imgur on Reddit?

How do you post pictures and text on Reddit mobile?

If you go with text post, you can type text at the top of the post, then click the picture tool button to insert a picture. The pic won’t show in the preview feed, but will show if you open the post in full view. Otherwise, choose the media tab to insert media. You can drag/ drop a pic into the post.

Why can’t I upload a photo to Reddit?

The cap on image uploads is 20mb, anything over that will result in an error message. If you’re on the mobile app, you should also try uploading again on wifi or on your cellular data, whichever one you weren’t using before.

Is Imgur hosting free?

Imgur is a free image hosting site (there’s a subscription for an ad-free experience). You can upload, embed, or share images without having to create an account. Imgur actually started off as an image sharing tool for Reddit.

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