How do you add a line on AT?

How do you add a line on AT?

Here’s how it works.

  1. Shop for phones and choose a device.
  2. Select the add a line option from the device page.
  3. If you are already a customer, log into your myAT account and select a plan for your new line.
  4. Finish checkout and complete your order.

How do I add another line to my T-Mobile account?

Add a line with your own device

  1. Log in to the T-Mobile app or T-Mobile.com.
  2. Select your device type.
  3. Select the option to bring your own device.
  4. Review plan selections and select Add a new line.
  5. Confirm your order details and pricing, then select Continue to shipping.

Is it free to add a line on T-Mobile?

Yes. Qualifying existing T-Mobile for Business customers with at least two paid voice lines on a qualifying plan may add an additional voice line to get the line for free after monthly bill credits, up to a maximum of 12 voice lines.

Can you have two lines on one phone AT?

You can’t have two numbers assigned to one line. You would need two SIM cards which means two lines. You either have to swap SIM cards or get a dual SIM card phone. Another option is to get a google voice number and use that as your second number.

Do I have to add a line for an Apple Watch AT?

No you don’t. I don’t have an unlimited plan and have had a cellular Apple Watch on AT since they were first launched. Your watch will come with an e-sim already installed.

How much does 2 lines on AT Cost?

Prices listed are for the least expensive plan when more than one unlimited plan is available. The pricing doesn’t include taxes, fees or autopay discounts unless otherwise noted….AT unlimited plans: How it compares on price.

Monthly price comparison AT
1 line $75
2 lines $140
3 lines $165
4 lines $180

Can I open a T-Mobile account online?

If you are new to T-Mobile, it is easy to sign up online. If you have questions you can call us at 1-800-TMOBILE to get started.

How much is it for 3 lines at T-Mobile?

What Additional Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Are Available From T-Mobile?

Company 1 Line 3 Lines
T-Mobile Connect 5.5 GB » $25 $25
T-Mobile Simply Prepaid 10 GB » $40 $30
T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Unlimited » $50 $30
T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus » $60 $30

How much does a line cost on T-Mobile?

$25 standalone. $10 discount with T-Mobile ONE voice and $5 AutoPay discount. Unlimited Everything. Every single line starts with Unlimited Talk + Text + 4G LTE Data on your smartphone.

What do I need to open a phone line?

1 – You usually only need a form of ID such as a state issued ID or drivers license. 2 – It completely depends on your credit worthiness or lack thereof. If you don’t have any credit history in the US, you could be looking at a high deposit for service as well as a down payment for a phone if you use Next.

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