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How do you create a dashboard in Cognos?

How do you create a dashboard in Cognos?

To build a dashboard in IBM Cognos Analytics, you start off by going into the Cognos portal. At the bottom left of your screen, you will see a ‘New’ button which gives you quick access to build a report or dashboard and create a data module.

What is dashboard in IBM Cognos?

Explore powerful visualizations of your data in IBM® Cognos Analytics and discover patterns and relationships that impact your business. Then communicate the insights that you’ve discovered in a dashboard and share it with others.

What are the three general categories of reporting in Cognos?

List, Crosstab, and Chart Reports.

How do I publish my Cognos dashboard?

From the IBM Cognos Analytics portal, launch IBM Cognos Administration. On the Security tab, click Capabilities. Find and select the Executive Dashboard capability. next to Publish Dashboards to Collaboration Spaces, and click Set properties.

How do I make a pie chart in Cognos analytics?

For more information, see the IBM Cognos Analytics Administration and Security Guide ….Procedure

  1. Open the Units Sold report.
  2. Click the chart button.
  3. In the Chart type box, click Pie.
  4. Click 100 Percent.
  5. Select the Show the values on the chart check box.

How do I rename my dashboard in IBM Cognos analytics?


  1. Display a dashboard in the New or Open Dashboard tab.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Rename Dashboard.
  3. In the New dashboard name field, enter the name of the dashboard.
  4. Click OK to display the new name in the dashboard.

What is IBM dash?

Dashboard Application Services Hub (DASH) provides visualization and dashboard services in JazzSM. It has a single console for administering IBM products and related applications. The Web GUI uses a client/server architecture and it is hosted inside DASH. Clients connect to DASH to access the Web GUI.

What is Cognos architecture?

The web-based IBM Cognos architecture was designed for scalability, availability, and openness. It uses platform independent, industry proven technology, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Web Services Definition Language (WSDL).

What are the 3 types of report?

There are three typical types of reports.

  • Basic Reports. Basic reports are divided into detail reports, grouped reports, crosstab reports, and other basic table samples.
  • Query Reports.
  • Data Entry Reports.

What is a package in IBM Cognos?

A package is a subset of a model, which can be the whole model, that is made available to the IBM® Cognos® Analytics application. Relational packages are created in IBM Cognos Framework Manager, and OLAP packages in IBM Cognos Cube Designer and in IBM Cognos Administration.

How do I create a package in Cognos analytics?

Click the Packages folder, and from the Actions menu select Create, and then Package. Type a name for the package, and click Next. Ensure that Model is selected, and click Next. Select the From the project option, and select the model that you created in the previous step.

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