How do you organize large amounts of makeup?

How do you organize large amounts of makeup?

15 Makeup Organizer Ideas That Will Transform Your Beauty Routine

  1. Bring your fave kitchen tool to the vanity.
  2. Stack your products on a Lazy Susan.
  3. Put lip colors in glass jars.
  4. Tuck brushes in a glasses case.
  5. File makeup like papers.
  6. Store nail polish in a cookie jar.
  7. Use an ice cube tray.

How do you organize a lot of makeup in a small space?


  1. #1 Acrylic Makeup Organizer.
  2. #2 Mirrored Glass Tray.
  3. #3 Clear Drawer Organizers.
  4. #4 Makeup Case with Dividers.
  5. #5 Brush Organizer.
  6. #6 Palette Organizer.
  7. #7 Rotating Makeup Organizer.

How do I organize my makeup case?

makeup looks How to Clean and Organize Your Makeup Bag

  1. Take Inventory.
  2. Check For Expired Makeup.
  3. Protect Your Sponges And Brushes.
  4. Stock Up On Multi-Use Products.
  5. Wipe Down Each Product.
  6. Wipe Down The Makeup Bag.
  7. Use Clear Bags Within Your Bag.
  8. Use Cotton Pads To Prevent Shattering.

Where do you store a lot of makeup?

If you’re lucky enough to have drawer space in your bathroom, a long, thin drawer is a great way to store makeup. Shallow bins keep everything tidy, and you can see everything you have every time you pull it open.

How do you organize deep makeup drawers?

If you decide to store your makeup in your drawers, you’ll want to use modular makeup drawer organizers to keep everything separated. If your drawer is deep enough, consider organizers that stack and slide.

How can I organize my bedroom makeup?

Here are 16 awesome and totally doable beauty storage ideas and solutions.

  1. Display nail polish in a spice rack.
  2. Store toiletries in an old pencil box.
  3. Use drawer dividers to organize cosmetics.
  4. Keep headbands and hair ties in little drawstring bags.
  5. Use a shoe organizer to store beauty products.

Where should makeup brushes be stored?

Brushes should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a brush roll where each brush has its own individual slot. Keep any plastic covers that come with your brushes. Use them to help maintain the shape of your brushes. Proper storage keeps your brushes from getting faded, contaminated by dust, or damaged.

Where should I store my makeup?

“All makeup products and tools should be stored in a designated cool and dry place, away from moisture. That means you definitely should not store your makeup in the bathroom.

How do you store makeup bags?

Use bags within your bag. “For easy organization, get small, zippered bags. Keep supplies, lip products, eye products, and so on in different bags.”

What goes in a train case?

Probably the most common modern use for a train case is to hold a woman’s makeup, such as eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and any other cosmetic that a woman might own.

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