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How do you use rhassoul?

How do you use rhassoul?

Apply the mask with your fingers or a mask brush, avoiding your eyes. You’ll feel the clay begin to dry on your face, and it may crack. This is normal, and you don’t have to add more clay. After about 10 minutes, rinse your face well with warm water.

What are the benefits of rhassoul clay?

Natural cleanser – Rhassoul acts on the skin’s surface and removes excess dirt and sebum, allowing your pores to breathe. That means that you’ll see a reduction in acne, blackheads and pimples. Exfoliant and clarifier – The mineral composition of rhassoul clay helps to reduce skin dryness and improve skin clarity.

Is rhassoul clay or bentonite clay?

Rhassoul clay is part of the smectite family of clays (along with bentonite), which means it has an ability to expand when exposed to a liquid. Also called ghassoul clay, red clay, and red Moroccan clay (it boasts a reddish-brown hue), it’s formed from volcanic ash at the Atlas mountain range in Morocco.

What is a rhassoul treatment?

A rhassoul ritual is a traditional Arabian body treatment involving steam and mineral-rich mud. The Spa in Dolphin Square specialises in authentic Moroccan cleansing rituals in their rhassoul and hammam chambers, so we asked them to tell us more about the history and benefits of this treatment.

What is a rhassoul experience?

Our rhassoul is a special experience in a private treatment room for up to four people featuring a traditional Moroccan steam chamber. As part of our signature treatment range, our expertly designed rhassoul experience. encompasses use of the bespoke, private spa chamber, a steam infusion and exfoliating shower.

How often should I use rhassoul clay?

Now it’s time to wash your hair. Apply Rhassoul Clay a little at a time on your scalp and start gently massaging it. If you wash your hair every two days or so, massage the product for around two minutes or for five minutes if your hair is very dirty.

What do you wear to a mud bath?

Most people choose enter a mud bath completely naked. If you’re feeling modest and want to cover up a few parts, wear an old bathing suit, underwear, or ratty T-shirt and shorts, as everything will likely be permanently mud-stained afterwards.

What do you wear to a mud chamber?

The room can only hold two guests so is good fun for friends or couples. What shall I wear? It is advisable not to wear jewellery during the treatments, and it is appropriate to wear your underwear or swimwear. Disposable underwear and shower caps can also be provided for you.

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