How does an effusion lamp work?

How does an effusion lamp work?

Effusion lamps use a non-active flame. They burn at a quarter of the temperature that normal candles burn at so can be left alone, or “on” when you go out, unlike candles.

How do you make effusion lamp oil?

If you bought 91% Alcohol at the store; start by adding 1/4 teaspoon (tsp) synthetic candle fragrance oil to your 16 oz bottle of alcohol. Label the bottle with the fragrance name and how much you added. Do a test burn using a new Wick & Stone or Wick & Burner assembly in your lamp (do not use oil lamps or lanterns!).

Can you use effusion lamp oil in a diffuser?

Answer: NO….. It has an alcohol base and can only be used in the catalytic fragrance lamp. Failed to get answers.

Do effusion lamps clean the air?

These lamps were widely used to help sterilize the air in hospitals but are no longer considered effective for this purpose. The main use of fragrance lamps, also referred to as catalytic lamps or effusion lamps, is to clear offensive odors from a house.

What is effusion lamp?

Also known as a “perfume lamp”, “effusion lamp,” or “catalytic lamp”, a fragrance lamp is a lamp that disperses scented alcohol using a catalytic combustion wick consisting of a cotton wick threaded through a natural, porous stone.

Why does my fragrance lamp keep going out?

If the collar of the stone/wick assembly is not fully inserted into your Lamp, the fragrance will slowly evaporate. This can also happen if the snuffer-cap is not fully pushed down to cover the stone. Remove the stone/wick assembly and check that there is fragrance in your Lamp, topping up if necessary.

What is effusion lamp oil?

Effusion Lamps Our Lamp exchanges fragrance for the unwanted odors in the air. The Lamp works at approximately ¼ the temperature of a candle. It pulls fragrance up through the wick to the burner. The burner releases the fragrance and will saturate a room more quickly and more efficiently than other fragrance products.

What are the ingredients in Lampe Berger oil?


  • 20-30 drops of your favorite Fragrance Accords or Essential Oils.
  • a small disposable mixing cup.
  • disposable pipettes.
  • toothpick for stirring and/or measuring out a half drop.
  • 4 oz bottle of Propylene Glycol.
  • 16 oz 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

How do you clean a lamp wick effusion?

Clean your stone with 90% isopropyl alcohol. Put the wick in a bowl, cover with alcohol, put the lid on the bowl and let it soak overnight. 3. Return the wick assembly to the lamp.

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