How does Bambi summon work?

How does Bambi summon work?

When summoned, Bambi prances about the area, dropping large quantities of MP orbs in the process. Any enemy defeated while Bambi is present on the battlefield drops more orbs than usual. Also, the more enemies Sora defeats while Bambi is summoned, the more orbs Bambi drops.

Why cant I use summons kh2?

In order to perform a summon, the player needs to have two friends in the battle with him, and they both must be conscious. This means that Sora cannot perform summons during battles he is fighting if he is alone or when one or both of his allies are knocked out.

How do you summon Tinker Bell?

The other Summon players will automatically unlock just by making their way through the game, Tinker Bell becomes a Summon after clearing Neverland. She is far and away the single most useful Summon in the game, even outdoing Bambi in the process.

What does the Genie summon do kh1?

Genie being summoned by Sora. In Kingdom Hearts, he is able to perform multiple magic tricks to attack Heartless, such as shooting magic beams and performing magic spells by activating the command on the lower section of the menu, Showtime. His attacks can only become available if the player locks onto a target.

What does Simba Summon do?

Simba appears in battle as a Summon Card when used and roars to deal damage to enemies in front of him. Stocking multiple Simba cards generates more powerful Pride Roar attacks, which stuns and increases the damage dealt to enemies.

How many summons kh2?

4 summons
Each summon has a various commands with various effects. Unlike in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II now has only 4 summons, but they are all very useful in different situations.

How do you use summons in Kingdom Hearts?

Summoningedit Speak to her and, if you have a Summon Gem, she’ll transform it into a character you can summon. It will be added to your commands under Magic and then Summon.

What is the best summon in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Stitch is far and away the best Summon in Kingdom Hearts II, and it honestly isn’t even close. He is the only Summon who can reliably be used in an endgame setting without crippling Sora or hindering the player in the long run.

Where is Peter Pan summon kh2?

Port Royal
Peter Pan is acquired through the Feather Charm which can be picked up from a treasure chest at the Ship’s Graveyard in Port Royal.

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