How is austempered ductile iron made?

How is austempered ductile iron made?

Austempered ductile iron is produced by heat-treating cast ductile iron to which small amounts of nickel, molybdenum, or copper have been added to improve hardenability. Specific properties are determined by the careful choice of heat treating parameters.

What is austempered ductile iron used for?

Austempered ductile iron (ADI) is often used where high strength is needed and where excellent wear resistance and fatigue strength are required. Applications like for gears ADI has been used with great success. This tough work-hardening material has proved to be an excellent replacement for hardened steels.

What is ADI material?

Austempered Ductile Iron is also referred to as ADI. This material has been developed to offer enhanced strength and wear resistant properties. Impact resistance of Ductile Iron is retained. This material also offers enhanced fatigue properties.

What are ductile iron castings?

Ductile iron castings are solid metal objects that result from molten ductile iron being poured into voids in a mold. The ductile iron subsequently cools and solidifies in the shape of the void it occupies.

What is Adi process?

Abstract Austempered ductile iron (ADI) is a type of graphite cast iron produced by an isothermal heat treatment process. It is an alternative to traditional steel castings and forgings and even aluminum due to the exceptional mechanical properties such as high strength, good toughness and excellent machinability.

What is nodular casting?

INTRODUCTION. Nodular cast iron is a material that has found a increasing number of applications in the automotive industry during the last decade. It has a static strength comparable to cast steels and a greater fatigue strength and ductility than grey irons.

Which is better ductile iron or cast iron?

With regard to practical uses, ductile iron pipes are used in sewer and water lines. This is because they are much stronger than cast iron. Moreover, ductile iron is better than cast iron in difficult terrains. Ductile iron is mainly used in the automobile industry such as trucks, tractors and oil pumps.

What is ADI heat treatment?

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) is a specialty heat treated material that takes advantage of the near-net shape technology and low cost manufacturability of ductile iron castings to make a high strength, low cost, excellent abrasion-resistant material.

How nodular cast iron is manufactured?

Nodular cast iron is made by inoculating the molten metal, just before casting, with a small amount of magnesium or cerium. This causes the free carbon in the finished casting to appear as rounded nodules of graphite, rather than as flakes.

Is nodular iron stronger than steel?

While there is no large difference when it comes to tensile strength, ductile iron has the greater yield strength (40 ksi). Cast steel, on the other hand, can only reach 36 ksi yield strength. As the strength of ductile iron increases ductility decreases.

What’s the difference between ductile iron and cast iron?

Ductile iron can be bent without breaking, whereas cast iron is brittle and breaks when bent. As ductile iron can be bent, it can be made into different shapes and forms. But one cannot make out different shapes and forms using cast iron. While ductile iron is flexible, cast iron is not.

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