How long are hedge trimmer blades?

How long are hedge trimmer blades?

40 to 75 cm
Hedge trimmer blades generally measure 40 to 75 cm in length. The length of the blade will dictate the weight and power of the machine, and should be chosen to match the width of your hedge.

What’s the longest hedge trimmer you can buy?

This is the Black+Decker LPHT120. It’s a 20 volts cordless pole hedge trimmer that can be transformed to a length of 6-1/2 feet, which makes it suitable for trimming up to a height of 10 feet….4. Black+Decker LPHT120.

Tool Specs
Max Length 6.5 ft
Blade Size 18 inches
Cutting Angles 5
Weight 7.7 lbs

Do you sharpen hedge trimmer blades?

Hedge trimmer blades can be sharpened by hand, and it is recommended that you do so regularly: the job needs a flat file, a whetstone and a little careful attention. Alternatively, your STIHL dealer can sharpen the blades perfectly for you.

Which is better single or double-sided hedge trimmer?

Double-sided hedgetrimmers, as they can be moved and cut from side to side, are ideal when gentle or simple shaping is required and can be used for topiary, whereas single-sided hedgetrimmers are great for long efficient sweeping cuts over larger or multiple hedges.

Does Stihl make a good hedge trimmer?

The main advantages of the Stihl electric hedge trimmers are the maneuverability and the low level of noise. The tools are lightweight, easy to handle, and they start instantly whenever you need to use them. The blades are very sharp and manicuring your hedges will be a breeze.

What is the best corded pole hedge trimmer?

For most people the Sun Joe 4 Amp Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer (Electric) is the best choice. It has an extra long 21 inch blade to make your trimming more efficient, and at 8.8 lbs it’s less than half the weight of a gas-powered, 2 stroke pole hedge trimmer.

How thick of a branch can a hedge trimmer cut?

Generally, hedge trimmers can cut up to 1 ½ or even 1 ¾ inches thick smoothly. Some stronger hedge trimmers can cut even thicker than these, but it is still best to try avoiding having to cut through extremely thick branches too often, as it may dull your blades after some time.

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