How long does Garrya Elliptica take to grow?

How long does Garrya Elliptica take to grow?

20 years
Garrya elliptica is ideal to grow against a wall to provide shelter and to display the catkins, see below. Garrya grows at a medium rate and it will take up to 20 years to reach full size and maturity, which is around 4 meters.

How do you propagate Garrya Elliptica?

Garrya are fairly easy to propagate from semi ripe new growth cuttings taken in June or July and put into a heated mist bench. Female forms of G. elliptica do, of course, set seeds but there is only one form to grow if you want these huge catkins every year!

How fast does silk tassel bush grow?

24 inches a year
A long-lived shrub (with a 150-year lifespan) that grows 24 inches a year until it reaches a height of up to 15 feet at maturity, silk tassel bush also is a common sight in Northern California.

Will Garrya Elliptica grow in shade?

It is happiest in sun, on a south- or west-facing wall. But it’s fine in shade too, so makes a useful option for a north- or east-facing wall. However, avoid planting garrya in frost-prone or very cold sites. It prefers well-drained soil, and is salt-tolerant so can cope in sheltered coastal locations.

How do you grow silk tassels?

The Silk Tassel is not fussy about soil type, as long as it is well draining. Although it can become drought tolerant once established, it always looks better with some regular watering. I think it looks best in its natural form, but if you must prune your plant, do this as soon as it finishes flowering.

Is Coast Silktassel native to California?

Garrya elliptica (Coast silk-tassel) is a common evergreen shrub native to the coastal ranges of California and southern Oregon, south to Los Angeles County. It reaches a height of two to five meters.

Is Silk Tassel Bush poisonous?

Garrya ‘James Roof’ has no toxic effects reported.

Is Garrya Elliptica slow growing?

Garrya are fast growing and robust evergreen shrubs that are often referred to as the ‘silk tassel bush’, originating from the USA. These shrubs produce striking leathery leaves and small green flowers that hang elegantly in pendant-like fashion, to form a divine display during late winter and early spring.

How hard is Garrya Elliptica?

Garrya is a hardy native of regions of California, Aka the Coast Silk Tassel, it will grow in just about any soil and is tolerant of growing in the shade but does prefer a fairly sheltered location. When grown in cold exposed locations the leaves can get burnt but is hardy to -10 in a sheltered spot.

Where does silk tassel grow?

Silk Tassel is a member of one of only four plant families found only in North America. It grows in the coast range from Oregon south to the middle of California, preferring areas that do not get excessively hot in the summer.

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