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How long is the UP Diliman Academic Oval?

How long is the UP Diliman Academic Oval?

The most popular route around the University is the “Academic Oval,” which uses designated bike and pedestrian lanes off Roxas Ave and Osmeña Ave to form a 1.4 mile (2.3 km) loop. The beautiful Acacia lined path circles the U.P. Lagoon and U.P. Sunken Garden.

Is University of the Philippines Diliman a good school?

About UP Diliman: University of the Philippines, with its flagship campus in Diliman, Quezon City, is the premier state university in the country. It is definitely the best when it comes to education because we learn not only inside the four corners of the classroom, but also through experiences out of the academe.

Is jogging allowed in UP Diliman?

a.m and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily for joggers and walkers of all ages, regardless of vaccination status. Individuals must continue to wear face masks and follow health protocols at all times. Bikers may use the following roads within the prescribed hours: University Avenue, Jacinto, Lakandula, Quirino, Ma.

Can I Picnic in UP Diliman?

Can we go picnic as a group at the Sunken Garden? Sure. Families or groups of 10 people or less may use the open area. Just pick up after yourself and follow minimum health protocols.

How long is up sunken garden?

2.2 km.
It is in the heart of the 2.2 km. Academic Oval surrounded by acacia trees. It has been the most favorable place for the UP and non-UP communities for its wide and shady area to present a place for a number of activities.

What rank is UP Diliman in the world?

University of the Philippines Diliman 2021-2022 Ranking

Institution Name University of the Philippines Diliman
World Rank 1803
National Rank 3
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank

WHAT IS UP Diliman known for?

UP Diliman offers the most number of undergraduate and graduate degree programs and is composed of almost 50 percent of the entire UP System student population.

Are dogs allowed in UP Diliman?

UP Diliman reopens Academic Oval to walkers and joggers. BIKING IS NOT ALLOWED. Dogs not allowed.

IS UP Diliman open for bikers?

Q: Is UP Diliman open for biking? A: UP Diliman campus is open 24/7 but due to the pandemic, they have closed some areas for bikers, joggers, and other persons without eligible purposes.

Are pets allowed in up oval?

What is there to do in UPD?


  • UP Lantern Parade and UP Fair.
  • Street Food Trip.
  • Maginhawa Food Crawl.
  • Photo Walk.
  • Acad Oval Jog.
  • Vargas Museum.
  • Cine Adarna Film Screenings.
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Why is it called Sunken Garden in UP?

The Sunken Garden acquired its name due to its basin-shaped low-level formation that has the deepest point of 65 meters above sea level (contrary to university’s height of over hundreds of meters above sea level).

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