How many albums has Phil Wickham?

How many albums has Phil Wickham?

nine albums
Wickham has released nine albums: Give You My World in 2003, a self-titled album in 2006, Cannons in 2007, Singalong in 2008, Heaven & Earth in 2009, Response in 2011, Singalong 2 in 2012, The Ascension in 2013, Sing-A-Long 3 in 2015, Children of God in 2016 and Living Hope in 2018.

What record label is Phil Wickham signed to?

Fair Trade ServicesPhil Wickham / Record labelFair Trade Services, formerly known as INO Records, is an American record label based in Brentwood, Tennessee, specializing in Contemporary Christian music. Wikipedia

What songs are on Phil Wickham Living Hope CD?

Track listing

  • “Great Things” Jonas Myrin. Phil Wickham.
  • “Living Hope” Wickham. Brian Johnson.
  • “Breath Away” Wickham. Ran Jackson.
  • “Till I Found You” Wickham. Travis Ryan.
  • “How Great Is Your Love” Brett Younker. Kristian Stanfill.
  • “Boundless” Wickham. 2:00.
  • “Song in My Soul” (featuring Hollyn) Wickham. Ryan.
  • “Wild River” Chris Tomlin.

What happened to Phil Wickham?

He was diagnosed with a vocal polyp. Initial treatment didn’t work, so he had to undergo surgery, followed by eight weeks of silence. “Just a month before, I was singing and everything was great,” says Wickham, who lives near San Diego. “All of a sudden, my voice was weak, then it was gone.

What church is Phil Wickham affiliated with?

Harvest Christian Fellowship
Wickham is now part-time staff at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., leading worship and writing songs for that community when he isn’t on the road. In this position, he was able to approach this album from a new angle, one of service to the church.

What church does Phil Wickham belong to?

Who is the original singer of Living Hope?

Living Hope (song)

“Living Hope”
Genre Contemporary worship contemporary Christian music
Length 5:27
Label Fair Trade Services
Songwriter(s) Phil Wickham Brian Johnson

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