How much does it cost to build a built in wardrobe?

How much does it cost to build a built in wardrobe?

Wardrobe Cost

Different Type of Wardrobe Estimated Cost
Classic Free Standing Wardrobe $100 – $1,100
Flat Pack Wardrobe $90 – $1,000
Built-in Wardrobe $1,500 – $6,000
Walk-in Wardrobe $10,000-$30,000

How wide should a built in wardrobe be?

The depth of a wardrobe varies but it is commonly about 600-650mm , including doors. This allows enough room for clothes on hangers, including bulky coats, to fit comfortably inside. If you choose to have doors on your wardrobe, consider whether hinged or sliding doors are better suited and if you have room for either.

How deep does a built in wardrobe need to be?

We recommend that wardrobes are fitted at 660 – 670mm deep (overall) from the back wall to the front of the top track, this is considered to be an optimum depth for sliding wardrobes.

Does a built in armoire count as a closet?

The IRC defines a closet as “A small room or chamber used for storage.” A chamber is defined as a natural or artificial enclosed space or cavity. This means a 6″ box with a door could be called a closet, or an armoire or a wardrobe could be called a closet.

What is the standard size of a wardrobe?

Most wardrobe cabinets typically are 24 inches deep, but can be as narrow as 18 or even 12 inches in depth. Height also depends on application, but standard height is usually no more than 72 inches. Width varies anywhere from between 24 inches to more than 96 inches.

What is the narrowest depth for a wardrobe?

The comfortable recommended depth of a closet is 24” (61 cm), but closet depths as narrow as 20” (50.8 cm) can be used if desired. Shelf depths of 12” (30.5 cm) should be used for shoes and smaller clothing elements.

How deep is an average wardrobe?

The Best Hinged Wardrobe Sizes Hinged wardrobes have their front doors fixed with hinges so that they can be pulled open for easy access to your belongings. The average standard depth of a hinged wardrobe is 60 cm. However, most wardrobe manufacturers will provide you with depth options between 50 cm to 70cm.

Will fitted wardrobes add value to house?

Fitted sliding wardrobes are a great way to expand the space in an angled room or one which has a sloping ceiling. Fitted furniture can transform an unused, unloved room into a comfortable spare bedroom, potentially increasing the value of your home.

Are wardrobes better than closets?

Walk-in closets consist of an open space that already exists, while a wardrobe creates a storage space that can be placed in the room. This is important to consider because even if you may dream of a walk-in closet, the space available in your home may be better suited for an equally stylish wardrobe.

What is the minimum size for a closet?

The standard minimum depth for a reach-in closet is 24 inches, but a closet intended to store coats or other bulky hanging items may need to be as deep as 28 inches. A closet less than 22 inches deep isn’t deep enough to allow hanging clothes.

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