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How much does it cost to climb the Q1?

How much does it cost to climb the Q1?

Bookings are essential and pricing starts from $75 for adults. ** Q1 Resort & Spa guests benefit from a further 25% discount on the SkyClimb.

How long does the Q1 climb take?

The entire Climb experience lasts 90 minutes from beginning to end. SkyPoint has one of Australia’s fastest elevators taking you from the ground to Level 77 (SkyPoint Observation Deck) in 42.7 seconds, where you will begin the Climb. Once outside, close to 298 stairs will guide climbers up to the summit.

Can you go up Q1?

If you feel like being more adventurous you can add the option of completing the Q1 Skypoint Climb, which involves an external stairway climb up 298 steps from the Skypoint Deck to the summit of the Q1 building. During the climb you are harnessed to a safety rail system to ensure your safety.

Is SkyPoint free?

MAKE SKYPOINT YOUR COASTAL LOCAL Gold Coasters, if you are yet to see the astonishing views of the beloved Gold Coast from the country’s only beachside observation deck, make SkyPoint Observation Deck your coastal local and visit for just $10!

How old do you have to be to climb the Q1?

Yes. To participate, climbers must be 12 years old and over 130cm tall. Children aged 12 to 15 years inclusive must be accompanied by a full-paying adult.

How many steps are in a Q1 stair climber?

Towering above the Gold Coast beaches with a total of 77 floors and 1,331 stairs, SkyPoint at the top of the iconic Q1 building in Surfers Paradise will be playing host to a stair climb in 2021 like no other, a stair climb to raise awareness for mental health and in support of LIVIN.

Does the Q1 sway?

On a windy day, it can sway up to 600mm — barely noticeable from within the glinting glass and steel but more obvious from the tiny box the window washers occupy.

How many stories high is the Q1?

78Q1 / Floors
Q1. Currently the tallest building in Australia is Q1 in Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast. Designed by the Sunland group, Queensland’s Number One has a height of 322.5 meters when measured to the tip of the spire and 78 floors.

How many levels are in Q1?

78Q1 / Floors

How old is the Q1 building?

20Q1 / Age (c. 2002-2005)

How many flights of stairs are in Q1?

It is one of the most iconic buildings in the world and you have the chance to take it on from sea level to SkyPoint! With a total of 77 floors this is a serious challenge but the view from the top of the observation level at SkyPoint will make all the hard work worth it. This is an event not to be missed.

How many floors is the Q1?

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