How much does the CEO at Broward Health make?

How much does the CEO at Broward Health make?

As CEO, Strum, 51, will earn $920,000 a year and a bonus of up to 30% of his salary.

Who is CEO of Broward Health?

Shane Strum
Shane Strum became president and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -based Broward Health in March, and he brought with him a state-level perspective.

Who owns Broward Health?

Broward Health is a public, non-profit hospital system governed by the North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners, a seven-member district board appointed by the Governor.

Who is the CIO at Broward Health?

Doris Peek
Doris Peek (aka Crain) – CIO – Broward Health | LinkedIn.

How is Broward Health funded?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida — Broward Health has received $18.5 million from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as part of a special tranche of funding for public safety net hospitals.

Who owns North Broward Hospital District?

Broward Health
Broward Health currently operates more than 30 healthcare facilities, including Broward Health Medical Center, Broward Health North, Broward Health Imperial Point, Broward Health Coral Springs, Salah Foundation Broward Health Children’s Hospital, and Broward Health Weston.

How many employees does Broward Health have?

8,000 employees
Broward Health is Broward County’s largest healthcare services provider. With more than 8,000 employees, we provide an integrated system of medical solutions for our surrounding communities.

Is Broward Health Medical Center HCA?

Broward County, FL — HCA Healthcare’s Broward County Hospitals — Northwest Medical Center in Margate, University Hospital and Medical Center in Tamarac and Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation — are proud to announce that they have received national recognition for demonstrating exceptional quality of care.

How many hospitals does Broward Health have?

Broward Health services all segments of the community through its four hospitals, a children’s hospital, seven primary care centers, four Family Health Places, eight school-based clinics, specialty care programs, home-health services, health education programs, free and low-cost screenings, and business partnerships.

How big is Broward Health Medical Center?

Our 716-bed facility includes a team of 3,100 medical professionals and more than 800 physicians who are dedicated to delivering compassionate and quality care. As the flagship hospital for Broward Health, Broward Health Medical Center is home to virtually every medical specialty.

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