How much does Zmodo cost per month?

How much does Zmodo cost per month?

Compared to other brands, the Zmodo subscription plans are one of the lowest-cost options. As you already know, Zmodo offers a Free Basic plan, $4.99 a month ($49.99 a year) for their 7 Day Plan and 30 Day Plan for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Do you need WiFi for Zmodo camera?

You will need a 2.4GHz WiFi connection with proper encryption (WPA/WPA2 recommended) for security. Is my WiFi signal strong enough? In order to allow you to access live video at any time and receive live motion detection and sound alerts, the Mini Cam communicates with cloud servers constantly.

Do you have to pay for Zmodo camera?

All of Zmodo’s products can be self-monitored, which means you don’t need to take on monthly subscription costs. Storing your videos to the cloud is completely optional, so you can own Zmodo cameras without paying any more than the price of the equipment.

What DVR is compatible with Zmodo cameras?

iDVR-PRO supports analog CCTV cameras, AHD, and HD-TVI camera. The iDVR-PRO DVRs will work with any of this hybrid cameras and any of these HD security cameras. We have a special coupon for Zmodo customers that is good for 15% off cameras, DVRs, cables, and accessories.

How many Zmodo cameras can I have?

There is no limit to how many devices you can have on one account.

Who makes Zmodo cameras?

2009 Zmodo Technology (China) Ltd. Corp. is officially registered in China and its own brand Zmodo is established. 2011 The trademark “Zmodo” is officially registered in the United States.

Does the Zmodo have to be plugged in?

[FAQ]Does my camera need to be plugged in? No network cable is needed to set up MeShare Camera. Set up your camera with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. A power adapter is required.

What is Zmodo NVR?

This plug and play security system features simplified Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology: a single network cable run between your NVR and each IP camera provides both power and video transmission, allowing you to position your cameras anywhere without the need for a nearby power outlet.

Will any NVR work with Zmodo cameras?

Connect up to 16 IP cameras and cover just about any blind spot on your property. This NVR can record more, save more, and is compatible with more cameras, but still affordable and easy to use….Zmodo 16 Channel IP Camera Input 720P Real-time NVR.

Hard Disk Drive
Capacity Up to 4TB/ each HDD

Who makes Zmodo camera?

Are Zmodo cameras waterproof?

Solid Construction and IP66 Weatherproof Zmodo outdoor security camera is metal-made to resist extreme heat and coldness, thus has a longer life. With IP66 weatherproof technology, it keeps working properly to safeguard your home anytime.

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