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How much is a small popcorn at Hoyts?

How much is a small popcorn at Hoyts?

Hoyts Candy Bar, Food, and Popcorn Prices

Food Item Price
Popcorn (small) $8.20
Popcorn (regular) $9.20
Popcorn (large) $10.20
Popcorn (xtreme) $11.35

Is Hoyts only in Australia?

HOYTS Australia and New Zealand owns and operates over 50 cinemas with over 400 screens and more than 50,000 seats. HOYTS cinemas are located in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand. Find your local HOYTS cinema HERE.

Can you take your own drinks into Hoyts?

No Outside Food And Drinks Please note, no food and beverages sourced from outside HOYTS Cinema are allowed in the cinema.

Where can I use Hoyts gift card?

3.1 HOYTS E-Gift Cards can be redeemed at any HOYTS cinema in Australia at the Box Office, Candy Bar or online at for tickets to any available movie session at any time as well as for any items at the Candy Bar. Any value redeemed will be deducted from the available balance.

Do Hoyts members get free popcorn?

HOYTS Reward members are entitled to free popcorn refills as part of their membership on the same day as a popcorn is purchased at HOYTS either outright or as part of a combo.

Do you need to wear your mask in the cinema?

Full list: Face masks to be worn in indoors including cinemas and theatres from today. Members of the public will be required to wear face coverings in most indoor venues including cinemas and theatres from today.

Who is HOYTS owned by?

Wanda Group
Hoyts operates more than 450 cinema screens and 55,000 seats, making it Australia’s second largest movie exhibitor after Event Hospitality and Entertainment. Val Morgan sells advertising on cinema screens and digital billboards….Hoyts.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Wanda Group

Do Hoyts gift cards expire?

3.4 HOYTS Gift Cards are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. Our record of your expiry date is final. Once your HOYTS Gift Card has expired the HOYTS Gift Card cannot be re-activated and any unspent value cannot by used or redeemed by you.

Can I use multiple gift cards at HOYTS?

Only 1 gift card can be redeemed at once online. Third party movie gift cards can be used in store at any HOYTS or Berkeley Cinema NZ. Currently third party gift cards cannot be redeemed online.

Do HOYTS members get free popcorn?

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