How much is a snowcoach to Old Faithful?

How much is a snowcoach to Old Faithful?


Route Operating Estimated Dates Adult Rate
Mammoth to Old Faithful 12/16/22 – 3/5/23 $144
Mammoth to Old Faithful 12/16/22 – 3/4/23 $144
Old Faithful to Mammoth 12/17/22 – 3/5/23 $144
Old Faithful to Mammoth 12/16/22 – 3/5/23 $144

How much does Yellowstone snowcoach cost?

Rentals and Fees Various companies offer snowcoach tours of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone region during the winter. Depending on the tour company, your fee may include pick up and drop off at your lodging establishment. Typical rates for a snowcoach tour range from $100 to $200. This is for an entire day.

How much does a snowcoach cost?

Available now, the Equinox Snowcoach retails for $2,000.

How much does it cost to rent a snowmobile in Yellowstone?

Snowmobiling West Yellowstone Tours & Rentals National Forest tours typically range between $200-$250/person. Snowmobile rentals typically range between $100-$200, depending on the model.

What do you wear to a snow coach in Yellowstone?

During your tour you will be getting off the Snowcoach and taking pictures, even walking around. You need to dress for the weather and layer. You need to wear appropriate footwear for walking in snow and on ice. We recommend a good hat, warm gloves and even snow boots.

What is a snowcoach in Yellowstone?

Our West Yellowstone snowcoaches are the same buses we use for our summer tours, mounted on oversized low-pressure tires. These tires allow our coaches to travel smoothly over the snow, while keeping you higher up for better viewing. Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our various tour options.

How much does a SnowCoach weigh?

Weight: Curb weight: 24.95 tonnes. Maximum gross vehicle weight: 29.94 tonnes (33 Tons)

What is an equinox SnowCoach?

The SnowCoach™ MPV is the first large multiple passenger-carrying sled on the market today. The SnowCoach™ MPV is excellent for large families, ski resorts, fishing lodges, or anywhere you need to transport a large group of people. The SnowCoach™ MPV features a high performance gas shock suspension.

How long is the Old Faithful snowmobile tour?

Tour lasts 11-12 hours, Departs: 6-6:30 a.m.; returns: 5-5:30 p.m.

What months Can you snowmobile in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone opens up 600 miles of snowmobile trails during its winter season, from mid-December to mid-March. Off-road use of snowmobiles is prohibited. The main road between Mammoth Hot Springs, Gardiner and the Northeast Entrance is plowed and open to the public year-round.

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