How much is BioWave cost?

How much is BioWave cost?

A third product, the BioWaveHOME, can be used by patients at home, usually with a doctor’s prescription. The price for that device is $895, but Siff said the cost is usually picked up by Medicare and a number of insurers.

What is BioWave therapy?

BioWave is a patented pain blocking technology that is designed to block pain at the source – delivering therapeutic electrical signals through the skin that actually prevents pain from reaching the brain.

Is BioWave covered by insurance?

BioWave, which was born in professional sports, is now available by Prescription and covered by insurance.

Is the BioWave the same as a TENS unit?

There are similarities between TENS machines and BioWaveGO. For example, they are both small, portable, battery-operated devices. HOWEVER, the crucial difference between the two is that while TENs machines mask pain, BioWaveGO actually stops symptoms, blocking pain at the source for long term relief.

Is Biowave covered by Medicare?

Therefore, there is insufficient evidence to support coverage of Biowave’s Deepwave percutaneous neuromodulation pain therapy system at this time. Any ear or auricular electrical devices (e.g., DyAnsys®) are also non-covered by Medicare as electrical acupuncture.

How does the Biowave work?

Biowave has developed new patentable technology & a related device in the field of electromedicine. The device delivers a precise electrical signal to a specific volume of tissue in the body, which blocks the transmission of pain impulses.

Does Medicare cover BioWave?

How does BioWave go work?

Unlike old-fashioned TENS, BioWave’s patented ‘high frequency – signal-mixing technology,’ targets past the layers of skin into deep tissue. BioWaveGO is designed to block the pain signal directly at the nerve inside the body, making it ideal for quick, daily 30-minute pain management treatments.

Does BioWave go really work?

And I can safely say, nothing works as well as BioWave. In just 30 minutes the pain is blocked and I no longer feel pain in my elbow or under my feet. If you have chronic pain, you have to give this amazing product a try. If it’s good enough for the NFL, it’s good enough for me.

How do we use BioWave?


  1. TWO LOCATIONS OF PAIN – each pad should be placed directly. over a painful area.
  2. ONE LOCATION OF PAIN – one pad is placed directly over a.
  3. Pads must not touch each other when. the unit is turned on – one inch is the.
  4. Pads are reusable but must be tacky. to the touch.
  5. Pads can typically be reused 8-10 times.

How often can you use BioWave go?

it may cause a burn. Pads typically can be reused about 8-10 times.

Is BioWave covered by Medicare?

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