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How much to build a hockey pitch uk?

How much to build a hockey pitch uk?

Under the most recent Sport England facility cost figures, the average cost for a brand-new water-based hockey pitch is £935,000 (including fencing and lighting).

What is the Dimension of a hockey pitch?

Hockey pitches are rectangular, with the longer edges (sidelines) measuring 91.4m long (100yd) and the shorter edges (backlines) measuring 55m wide (60yd). The total area of a standard field hockey pitch is 5,027sqm, which is 1.24 acres.

How much is a hockey pitch?

Standard pitch measurements. The field of play is 91.4 by 55.0 metres (100 yd × 60 yd) with an area of 5,027 square metres (1.24 acres).

What is on the surface of a hockey pitch?

Since the 1970s, hockey has been played on artificial turf. The surface of the pitch has to be totally even and normally it’s either blue, green or turquoise. More surprisingly, whenever you watch a semi-pro, pro or international hockey match, it will be played on a water-based pitch.

How much is 4G pitch?

Construction and cost The average cost of a 5-a-side 3G pitch is around £50 per square metre, meaning a total cost of £25,000 for the 500 square metres we recommended earlier. If you’ve decided to splash out for a 4G pitch, that cost would rise to £35,000.

How much does it cost for a 3G pitch?

According to the BBC, the average 3G pitch costs around £500,000. However, Crusaders F.C. reportedly fitted theirs for a total cost of just €280,000. But as more and more clubs and local associations install them, the price will continue to plummet.

What is height and width of the hockey goal post?

A Field Hockey Goal is typically white and has a black net. Field Hockey Goals have a regulated inside width of 12′ (3.66 m), inside height of 7′ (2.14 m), and depth of 47.24” (1.2 m). The backboards that surround the goal have a height of 19.69” (50 cm).

Why are hockey pitches watered?

The water lubricates the pitch, reducing friction and allowing for quicker and smoother play, giving the ball a true and uniform roll. It allows players to easily manoeuvre the ball with the stick without it catching.

Why do hockey pitches have water?

Hockey balls move at a consistent speed on watered surfaces as the grass blades form a denser, faster surface without sand infill. A faster, more responsive style of play develops on a water pitch, with a ball that runs more freely than it does on sand, where it can become sticky during the game.

How many pitches are used in England Hockey?

circa 1000 pitchesthat are used. The England Hockey led investment has been ableto support around 7 pitches per year whenthe actual need for replacement is in the region of 100 pitches for (based on 1000 pitches lasting 10 Footballyears each).

What is the participation rate of field hockey in England?

When taking a look at secondary school students in the same year, male participation dropped to under 15 percent, while female participation increased to 27.3 percent. The national governing body for field hockey in England is England Hockey.

What is a hockey pitch made of?

Hockey is played on a variety of surface types but in the UK the preferred surface is an artificial turf.The pitches consist of a synthetic fibre carpet as the surface laid over a ( or bonded to ) a shock pad sub layer to absorb force.

Is a synthetic hockey pitch right for your business?

Competitive hockey has been played on synthetic surfaces for many years at international, national, and club level. Initially a costly outlay, an artificial hockey pitch can provide invaluable investment returns to your establishment.

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