How old is Eldritch Palmer?

How old is Eldritch Palmer?

76 years old
By the time of the Master’s arrival on Flight 753, Palmer was 76 years old, after having spent several decades on dialysis machines, living in climate-controlled environments, and relying on repeated organ transplants (several of them harvested from unwilling participants, kidnapped from other countries).

What did Setrakian put in his eyes?

Setrakian has always been a little bit of a puzzle, doling out tidbits of his life on a “need to know” basis, and tonight we found out his biggest secret (so far). He’s been hunting Strigoi, harvesting worms, and distilling them into eye drops as a sort of immune booster so he can keep fighting the Master.

What happens to eichorst?

Though Eichhorst was stronger and faster than the elderly Setrakian, the latter “put everything he had” into a throw of his sword, which impaled Eichhorst through the chest, disabling him long enough for Setrakian to pull out the sword and decapitate him.

How old is the master in the strain?

around 3500 years old
The graphic novel version of ‘The Night Eternal’ depicts the earliest date of the Master manifesting among humans as the 28th century BCE, which would place him around 3500 years old, possibly older.

How old is Abraham in the strain?

He claims that this is what helps his poor vision, and that it has made him appear younger than his frail, old age of 94.

How did Setrakian get the sword?

Silver Cane Sword Following his possession by the vampire’s disease, Sardu no longer relies on the cane. Setrakian tracks down and buys the cane, ultimately using it as a weapon in his own war against vampires.

Is Setrakian dead?

Setrakian’s death did not impede the protagonist group’s determination to destroy the master and though not fully agreeing how to proceed the group continued to heed Setrakian’s advice and isolate the master from his minions as this would leave him most vulnerable.

What does eichorst do to Dutch?

Eichhorst tortures Dutch, forcing her to eat pineapple to season her blood before feeding on her.

What happens to Setrakian in the strain?

The powerful Strigoi outsmarts Abraham, however and after mocking his Jewish beliefs, he crushes his hands, breaking his fingers. After the vampire flees from the rising sun to his lair in the woods, Setrakian is found on the floor and taken to be executed.

Is Quinlan the masters son?

Quinlan) is a main character and ultimately the secondary protagonist of the series. Also a member of The Born, a rare vampire/human hybrid (dhampir). Despite being the “son” of the Master, he despises his father intensely and so serves the three American Ancients as their chief bodyguard and hunter.

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