How old is Gallese?

How old is Gallese?

32 years (February 23, 1990)Pedro Gallese / Age

How tall is Gallese?

6′ 3″Pedro Gallese / Height

Where does Pedro Gallese live?

Pedro Gallese Adjusts to Life in Orlando – The Mane Land.

Where is Pedro Gallese?

Peru national football team#1 / Goalkeeper
Orlando City SC#1 / Goalkeeper
Pedro Gallese/Current teams

Where was Pedro Gallese born?

Lima, PeruPedro Gallese / Place of birth

Who is Peru goalkeeper?

Pedro Gallese
Ángelo CamposCarlos CácedaJosé CarvalloRenato Solis
Peru national football team/Goal keepers

What team does Gallese play for?

How much does Edison Flores make?

2022 Senior Roster (Spots 1-20)

Player (17) Pos. Base Salary
Edison Flores F $1,600,000
Taxiarchis Fountas F $1,600,000
Ola Kamara F $1,500,000
Julian Gressel M $914,000

How old is Kevin Paredes?

19 years (May 7, 2003)Kevin Paredes / Age

How much money does Kevin Paredes make?

However, the clubs payroll is not anymore then mediocre for a MLS team….Midfielders.

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Kevin Paredes $252,000 $283,500
Russell Canouse $247,500 $247,500
Júnior Moreno $140,000 $159,500

What happened to Kevin Paredes?

Kevin Paredes became the latest American rising star to switch Major League Soccer for Bundesliga this winter when he completed his move from D.C. United to VfL Wolfsburg and the teenager has been loving every minute of his German adventure so far.

Where are Kevin Paredes parents from?

Born to Dominican parents in South Riding, Virginia, in 2003, Paredes took his first steps in the game at Loudoun Soccer club, before joining the DC United academy at the age of 13 in 2016.

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