How well do double towel bars work?

How well do double towel bars work?

Because the bars are separated by 2.36 inches of distance, even thick, fluffy towels remain separate if simultaneously hanging on each bar. While a double towel bar takes up the same amount of wall space as a standard single bar, it does jut out into the room slightly more.

How far apart should double towel bars be?

Towel or robe hooks should be 70 inches above the floor. Multiple hooks should be spaced a minimum of 9 inches apart. Towel rings should be at least 20 inches above the vanity countertop, as applicable.

How do you hang two towel bars on top of each other?

For multiple towel bars, install one bar 48 inches from the floor and hang a towel from the rack. Hang the second rack high enough above the first that the towels do not bump against each other. Install any additional towel racks in the same way.

What is the purpose of a double towel bar?

Sage Double 26.38″ Wall Mounted Towel Bar The double towel bar provides ample space for hanging multiple towels, washcloths, and other items.

How long should a towel bar be for two towels?

If you have the space, a 30″ towel bar is great for holding two standard bath towels folded in thirds. Of course another option for holding two towels is to get a 24″ double towel bar.

How far apart should towel rails be?

In recording your heights, ensure you allow for any changes in floor level if the area is yet to be screeded or tiled. But now for the most important detail – just how far apart do you install your rails? There are no hard and fast rules, however 270mm – 300mm apart generally works well.

Where do you place a towel rail in a bathroom?

Towel racks should go in the following places in the bathroom.

  1. Next to the sinks.
  2. Above the toilet.
  3. Next to the shower.
  4. Near the tub.
  5. Behind the door.

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