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Is AlphaSights a prestigious company?

Is AlphaSights a prestigious company?

AlphaSights is entirely legitimate and has a solid history. With offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and other major cities around the globe, plus a client roster featuring multinational conglomerates, they have established themselves as a leading institute in the expert network trade.

Is AlphaSights a good company to work for?

90% of employees at AlphaSights say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Source: Great Place to Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study.

How much do AlphaSights interns get paid?

$35,210 per year
How much does a Intern at AlphaSights make? The typical AlphaSights Intern salary is $35,210 per year. Intern salaries at AlphaSights can range from $12,165 – $49,310 per year.

What does an AlphaSights associate do?

The Associate Role Your role is to understand the knowledge our clients need and identify the industry professionals with the expertise to meet those needs. You’ll spend considerable time on the phone and email reaching out to people and assessing whether they possess the knowledge our clients seek.

What are AlphaSights experts typically paid?

Setting Your Alphasights Advisor Compensation New consultants should be able to get between $150 and $300 per hour. After you get some experience on the platform, consider raising your rates – especially if you regularly start getting invited to consult on a specialized area.

Is AlphaSights remote?

About AlphaSights In the past, AlphaSights has offered part-time, flexible schedule, freelance, temporary, hybrid, remote, and work-from-anywhere jobs in fields like.

Who are AlphaSights competitors?

AlphaSights competitors include Coresite, iQmetrix, Coleman Research, GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) and DueDil.

What is bread AlphaSights?

The Alphasights BREAD process is an acronym for five stages of an engagement: Brief – Understand the client requirements. Research – Identify where to find experts that fill that requirement. Engage & Access – Recruit and Arrange Client-Adviser Discussions. Delivery – Complete the Engagement.

What kind of company is AlphaSights?

information services company
AlphaSights is an information services company, specializing in connecting clients with experts, sometimes referred to as an expert network.

What is working at AlphaSights like?

Caring Company and a great place to start a career Overall this company is fantastic- caring leadership, great pay, and benefits, and if you’re willing to put the work in, it is a great place for professionals, especially young professionals, to start or advance their careers.

How big is AlphaSights?

With 1200+ employees and nine offices across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, AlphaSights regularly ranks as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

What makes AlphaSights different?

AlphaSights’ process of knowledge search allows our clients at corporations to access people far beyond their internal networks who can give them a completely fresh perspective. These conversations enable our clients to be more creative and innovative in their thinking and business strategy.

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